Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Perfect for Dinner or Breakfast

This is a recipe that evolved from something my daughter-in-law made the last time I was at their home in TX.

Cheesy-Corny Waffles

2 cups of Bisquick
2 eggs beaten
8 oz. cheddar cheese (grated)
1 microwave bag of white shoepeg corn
1 tablespoon chopped jalapenos (or more to taste)
Sweet milk or buttermilk (which ever you have on hand)

Cook corn in microwave per instructions on bag. Mix all ingredients in a big bowl. Add milk and mix until batter is a slightly thick consistency.

Heat waffle iron and cook until crispy.

This recipe makes about 6 waffles. I don't put any butter or syrup on these savory waffles. Just eat them hot from the griddle. Don't worry, the tablespoon of chopped peppers called for doesn't make the waffles hot, but rather tangy and savory.

Or cover in plastic wrap and store overnight in the refrigerator. They make a fast and easy breakfast on the go. Heat in a toaster oven until they sizzle. Wrap in a paper towel and dash out the door. Eat on the way to work, washing it down with a Diet Coke. Yummy.

**Disclaimer** If you try this recipe and you think you need more of one ingredient and less of another, feel free to add and subtract at will. I really don't have a recipe for this, I just dump and judge as I go. I always use the whole bag of corn. The rest is up for grabs.....sorry to those of you who only deal in absolutes : )


  1. Yum, yum, yummy!!! Beth is so good in the kitchen, isn't she?! Now I'm wishing that I hadn't given my waffle iron to the thrift store years ago...

  2. Waaahhh! I don't have a griddle or waffle iron!

  3. Hey, these look wonderful! I love waffles and corn fritters and these are a cross of the two!! I am going to try them with my Belgian waffler. And maybe some fresh Ohio corn? Yum-o!! :P

  4. For years I used a waffle iron bought at an estate sale. It was about 20 years old when we acquired it. I used it until it died after another 20+ years of loyal service. I went without one for 5 or 6 years, but this past Christmas I treated myself to a new one. If I had to make a list of favorite kitchen appliances my waffle iron would be near the top.

  5. Oh gosh this sounds and looks good! I don't have a waffle maker but I bet it would be good as pancakes too. I saw something like this at a street fair in NYC recently and they were called Mexican corn cakes. They were good! I have a lot of jalapeno pepper growing in my yard so this will be a way to use them.

  6.'re the 4th blog in a row that is posting food! My wife and youngest daughter are in SC this week visiting our son and his family....I had oatmeal for dinner!!! Oh well, your pictures are feeding my imagination!

  7. You're very welcome...although, I love your page, too! It's cool. :)

  8. Those waffles look SO good!

    And I love your random blog of random pictures! How fun.
    Glad to discover you too!
    Who knew there's a peach tower in Alabama in addition to Gaffney SC!

  9. I'm back to copy the recipe! I forgot to tell you how much I like that bowl! I think you've mentioned it before. Is it Homer Laughlin? I love it.

  10. Your discerning eye is right on target Willow. It is Homer Laughlin...Orange Blossoms or something like that. It is a replacement of my Grandmother's bowl that got broke. I found it in East Liverpool,OH in an antique store about 10 years ago. I was thrilled cause I love it. I call it Grandmothers bowl even though it isn't the original.

  11. Let me just say YUM! I will have to google sweet milk, I may just have to buy some, or make some!


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