Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Case Dismissed

My duty to do duty on jury duty is done. (what did she just say?)

As you probably surmised from the title, the case was dismissed. It was a civil case in which the plaintiff was asking for punitive damages involving an alleged incident at a convenience store. It happened in 2006 and neither side had any witnesses or evidence. I guess the judge decided there were no grounds for the case. So, its back to work for me tomorrow. There go all my beautiful lunch hour plans for the week.

I did get in my visit to the local Museum of Art. Like most other museums, I was not allowed to take flash photography inside. Since I am technically deficient and don't know the surefire never flash trick for my camera I only took a few pictures out in The Charles W. Ireland Sculpture Garden.

Looking out into the garden:

Head on a pedestal:

Looking back towards the museum:

The only two exhibits I visited besides the garden were the Contemporary collection and the European collection. I wish I could share a photo of a huge contemporary painting entitled Bonjour Julie by Joan Mitchell that I liked, but I was unable to find an image online. I am especially drawn to the rooms where the 13th and 14th century icons, paintings and sculptures are displayed. I love the way this period of Italian art reflects the Byzantine style. In the rooms that contained the 17th century paintings I was fascinated by this painting:

The Allegory of Charles I of England and Henietta of France in a Vanitas Still Life by Simon Renard de Saint-Andre 1613-1677.

I copied this explanation from the painting description: "during the 17th century a form of still life called the vanitas developed as a means to impart an allegorical message about the inevitability of death. "

A vanitas painting, while possibly containing lovely objects, always included some reference to man's mortality - most often a human skull (with or without other bones), but also by way of burning candles, soap bubbles or decaying flowers. It was meant not only to be a work of art, but also to carry an important moral message: Trivial pleasures of life are abruptly and permanently wiped out by death, so don't get too carried away during your earthly time, Bub."

I played around some tonight and created my own allegory of the transient nature of life.

I know it can't be called art...how about FUN!


  1. Steviewren,
    Your jury duty proved to be profitable after all. Looks like you had a great visit to the museum...
    Your art work is great. Very thougth provoking on your part....
    thanks for sharing jury duty with us....I voted today, so my name will probably come up for duty soon :)

  2. Sad to hear that your duty is done. I know you would have enjoyed a few more days to travel the downtown.

    I like your art work.

  3. Bachelor, I'm glad you exercised your right as a citizen and did your duty today!

  4. I likeit--very electic. Never done Jury duty before. Could be OK with those nice long lunch breaks!

  5. And I was all primed to read your second in a series of lovely lunches! Darn. Sorry to hear you had to head back to work so soon.

    I like your allegory. You know, I think all your face sketches have elements of your own incorporated into them!

    Head on a pedestal is nice. I love faces and heads...always drawn to them.

    Well, hope you enjoy your day, even if it is back to the old routine. :)

  6. Hi Steviewren; sorry to hear about the case dismissed. I have always wanted to see a judge smack his gavel on the desk and cry "Case dismissed!"

    Also, "May I approach the bench?"



    "Objection overruled!"

    Anyway, you're back at work...but you had a nice little break, and the museum hopping was a nice bonus.

    I LOVE your allegory! It IS most certainly art, or should I say Art with a capital A.

    You are beautiful...you bear a resemblance to Shirley MacLaine (in her younger years of course). Did anyone ever tell you that? You have a similar "gamine" beauty I imagine you've heard that alot.

    I just enlarged and printed off your allegory on our colour printer here...wait a moment while I go get it...

    Okay here we are....my what a pensive expression..perhaps you are contemplating mortality...the whys and wherefores of this world....

    The bubbles, the books to represent learning and wisdom, the globe, the starfish...its all there. The bubbles are very well placed.

    You are an artist...I know I've said that before but it bears repeating.

    I'm going to tack this up at my desk, right beside the birdbath picture you did a few weeks ago....its turning into a Steviewren shrine here in Toronto!

  7. Beautiful art..thanks for sharing. Sounds like your museum trip was wonderful! Sorry we aren't going to hear more about the jury duty trips! Back to the ol' routine! :)

  8. Willow, I am in agreement with you about the facial similarity thingie. I think I draw myself also...I am trying to stop that though.

    Thank you Lavinia, you do flatter me. And I thank you for the shot to my self esteem.

    I have an idea for a modern photographic vanitas. I must collect a few items before I can set it up. I'll post it when I do it.

    Betsy and Rachel, yes it was back to the grindstone today. Nothing changed while I was away. Alas.


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