Monday, May 5, 2008

Take a Lunch Break With Me

As I mentioned in yesterday's post, I am on jury duty this week. It was a beautiful Southern spring day, so I spent my generous 1 hour and 45 minute lunch break outside in the park.

The fountain in front of the courthouse:

A nice place to rest, feel the breeze on your neck and eat lunch:

A wedding party exited the courthouse and walked across the park to have their picture made in front of the fountain. I am embarrassed to be an obvious voyeur, so my photo of the bride and groom leaves a lot to be desired. You just have to imagine the groom is on the receiving side of this embrace since you can't see anything except his hand:

There was some art for sale:

And around the corner some hot dogs were for sale:

Big beautiful trees provide plenty of shade:

Tomorrow my plan is to visit the art Museum on my lunch hour. It is right across the street from the courthouse. If my case has not been resolved by Wednesday I will visit the library. I haven't been in the old library in many years. As I remember it, the architecture inside was very lovely. This is the new and the old library. They are across the street from one another.

After only one day the verdict is in on the new sandals I shopped for this weekend. While they are extremely cushy and easy to walk in for long distances, the top portion of the sandals is guilty of rubbing my foot raw. See my blister! I had one on each foot by the end of the day.

Gotta run. I've got to pick out the pair of torture chambers I will wear on my feet tomorrow!


  1. Oh Steviewren, your post made me laugh at the end...I too am familiar with the 'torture chamber' scenario...I find it usually only happens the first one or two times I wear sandals...the tootsies are tender from being encased in socks all winter...

    I am envious of your jury duty Life-of-leisure. That is one long lunch you are enjoying...and tomorrow too...well in that case I hope the case lasts all week....such freedome, and so many beautiful things to look at outside..

    You know...fountains are one of my favourite things.... Thanks for the cool bubbly splashy closeup.

    Those newlyweds...such a sweet picture of them...Her dress is so simple and yet so sweet, I hope they're very much in love and will go on like that for the rest of their lives...

    I hope you have another beautiful sunny day tomorrow !


  2. Lavinia, I despair of finding a comfortable pair of shoes ever again!! Was that dramatic enough or do you think I could do a better job if I put those shoes back on and walk briskly while typing?

    I already know the pair I plan to wear tomorrow WILL hurt the bottom of my left foot. But, I don't know why only the left. The only reason I will wear those is that they won't be touching the blisters.

    I feel quite lucky to have a legitimate reason to be on vacation from work. I am under court order not to talk about the trial, but I can say that sadly no one involved looks remotely like Gregory Peck! (register the big sigh and my strong disappointment) I hope the trial lasts through Wednesday but I am afraid it will probably be over tomorrow. (Insert bigger sigh here).

  3. Steviewren, I forgot to say: Nice pedicure!

    I have a hard time finding comfy shoes winter or summer.

    It's always the same you say...they feel so comfy in the store...but once you are out on the street, wearing them for a day... the flaws become apparent...they chafe, or pinch...etc etc...

    I actually have orthotics....sometimes they help, sometimes they don't...

    THe most comfy pair lately has been a pair of my daughter's flip flops..they are spongy soft..but she won't let me wear them...

    When I'm at my desk, I remove my shoes.....

  4. I take my shoes off every chance I get. Why is it that bare feet can be so comfortable when nothing else is?
    I have contemplated looking into having a pair of shoes made for me. I would probably change my mind if I knew the price though!

    Thanks for say nice pedicure, but if you look close enough you can see the dry skin on the side of my toe...I saw that once I posted the pic. hehe

  5. Oh my hometown! Lovely seeing the sights of downtown, a city I do love!

  6. Enjoyed the pix of your lovely long jury duty lunch. It looked like scenes from a movie. I can almost hear the splashing of the fountain.

    Sandals cut into the tops of my feet like that, too. And you know, that never used to happen when I was younger...I could wear absolutely anything on my feet and walk miles in them. Oh well.

    Nice pink toes, BTW. :)

  7. I know what you mean Willow, my shoe problems have worsened as I have gotten older. I really enjoyed the freedom of being outside in such a lovely location yesterday. There were more than a few lunchtime ladies out in their tennis shoes getting their daily exercise. I do envy them. But realistically it will soon be too hot to use lunch hours for power walking...well it will be too hot for me...I would return to work soaking wet...I hate to sweat!

  8. What lovely pictures! You had a gorgeous day to be outside for your lunch! I was on jury duty for a week a few years ago. We only had 30 minutes for lunch and we had to stay inside! They brought boxed lunches to us in our conference room! You have a much better deal! And I hardly notice the least your pedicure is beautiful! :)

  9. Ouch! Funny description of those shoes.

    hope rest of JD goes well, btw.

  10. How are the tootsies today, Steviewren?

    And ladies and gentlemen of the jury, have you reached a verdict?

  11. mmm and pamela jane thank you for visiting my web-home. Please visit often.

  12. I love your pictures and I am so glad that you got to soak up the sun for so long today!!!

    I got a good little laugh out of all you law terms and puns. I have such a clever mom!


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