Saturday, May 24, 2008

A Little Birdie

When I was young my mother always knew everything. It was as if she had eyes in the back of her head. I would ask her, "how did you know that?" Her answer to me would be "because a little birdie told me so." I was afraid to do anything wrong because that darn bird always told on me!

My middle name is Wren. It isn't a family name, just something my mother liked. I always hated my middle name until I decided to make it work for me. When I began my first crafting venture I named my little business Wren's Nest. I've found that the name isn't all that unique, but I bet I am the only person who choose that name for their business because it is their middle name. lol
Bird is made using 2 different fonts and the letters O, L, C and V.

How about you? Love your middle name or hate it?


  1. I love this story! I've never known anyone to have the name Wren and I think it is unique and beautiful! Makes the perfect store name, too, coupled with Nest!
    My middle name is Anne and I always liked that the "e" made it a little more unique. :)

  2. Betsy, Anne with an e just like Anne of Green Gables. Do you remember her famous line? How much fun is that!

  3. Wren is wonderful and unusual. I'm glad you decided to make it work for yourself. It's great!

    My mother would only say my middle name, along with my first name, when I was in trouble. I think that's why I don't like it. I replaced it with my maiden name when I married.

  4. Indifferent.. it's Diane. I wanted a much more colourful middle name. Then again, I used to hate my first name because it was different than most.. which is the exact same reason I came to like it as I got older.

  5. This is a wonderful story and a fun post..Wren is a great name and sure to be a great conversation starter. My middle name is Michelle, after the Beatle's song, " Michelle", My Mother was a huge Beatles fan and so am I so I really like it.

  6. It's a lovely middle name and a great biz name as well!

  7. What a cute birdie!

    My mom knew everything too. She used to tell us kids that she had eyes in the back of her head.

    She especially knew what went on behind closed doors. Hmmmmmm.

    I love your middle name; its so whimsical. Did you know that Mick Jagger's girlfriend is name "L'Wren".

    Not sure how it's pronounced...

    Well Steviewren, I don't have a middle name, so there you go; I can't contribute to this question.

    But if I did have one, I'd want to be a saint's name, like Edna St. Vincent Millay.

  8. It's June. Named after my auntie, an odd woman who goes around at funerals asking personal medical questions. I.e. "Have you had a hysterectomy?" "um. No." "Really. Women problems run in our family. I think that you might be the only one who has not had a hysterectomy. Anna had one, Joanne just had one a month ago..." etc. etc. etc. So, no. Not fond of middle name.

  9. Thought I would comment even though I am a day late and dollar middle name is Ann and even when I was younger I would of loved to have been Ann with an e. It just seems to complete the name.

  10. Funny isn't it? Our parents probably thought long and hard about what to name their babies. And most of us are only ambivalent at best about our names. Why don't we love them as much as our parents did? I need to ask my children how they feel about their names.


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