Wednesday, May 14, 2008

One Favorite and Two Not So Favorites

These two little scamps sat outside today and kept up an almost constant chatter while I worked. Can you see them both?

I think they were aggravated that they had to change their daily routine, since I was not only home but invading their territory by working outside.

This one barked and chirped and flipped his tail while looking straight at me.

Although they are cute, these two are not my favorites. Now that I planted impatiens, pink begonias, Japanese fern, fuchsia periwinkle and scotch moss, these two will spend their days digging in my pots. The only hope for these plants is the 4 or 5 cats that wander the neighborhood and like to rest on my porch railings. Maybe the cats can keep the squirrels away.

There are dozens of nut trees around my yard. WHY do they dig up my plants. I make sure all the nuts are out of the pots before I plant anything. Errrr, my blood pressure is going up just thinking about the potential devastation!!

Cute, but NOT my favorites!

On the topic of squirrels, this cute book was a favorite of my daughter. And I admit it...I loved it too.
Miss Suzy
By Miriam Young
Pictures by Arnold Lobel

"Miss Suzy was a little gray squirrel who lived all by herself in the tip, tip, top of a tall oak tree. She liked to cook, she liked to clean, and she liked to sing while she worked....."

A few years ago I found a second copy of this gem and gave it to my daughter so she can read it to her daughter one day. (I was happy I didn't have to part with my copy. I like to read it to my granddaughters)

On the topic of children, favorites and books, all of my children have had a favorite book. For my oldest son it was Garfield books. Wherever I was in the house, whenever I would hear his giggle I knew he was reading his books again. His wife says he still reads these and he still giggles while doing so. My second son's favorite was The Daddy Book; short daddies, tall daddies, daddies with mustaches and daddies with no hair.....Maurice Sendak's Where The Wild Things Are was also his favorite. Pickles the Fire Cat was the book my youngest son wanted to hear the most often.

I did a lot of shopping at the thrift store when my children were small. I have always believed that books should be owned and cherished, so I was happy that I was able to provide my children with a variety of reading material for just pennies. Whenever I go thrifting today I still browse through the kids section.

What about your children? Any favorite memories involving books in your family?


  1. Miss Suzy is, I believe, one of the most delightful children's books I've ever encountered! The illustrations alone make it a treasure.

    Books are a big part of our life. The boys love for me to read and read to them. Library trips are fun and dear to us.

  2. We used to take all three kids to a second hand/overstock bookstore that is housed in an old church building. Back in those days, we could purchase beautiful hardback children's books for as little as $1.00 each. They each got to choose one and they thought it was such a treat.

    My oldest son loved the Carol and Donald Carrick books, daughter enjoyed James Herriot story books and youngest son adored Chris Van Allsburg. (among tons of others)

    I still keep the favorites out on one of my bookshelves. No grandkids yet, but hopefully down the road. I miss having some little cutie to sit on my lap and listen to a good book.

  3. Steviewren, I love squirrels, I have no idea why they root around in nut-free soil! They are always so busy...a model of good industry and very watchable animals.

    As for children's books, I still have dozens from my daughter's childhood, and parted with dozens more that were not so special to her.

    My brain is not at its sharpest tonight; I've been too tired all week, but anyway, here are a few of the favourites that I remember from her childhood:

    -The Story About Ping
    -Beatrix Potter Books
    -Madeline Books
    -Dr. Seuss Books

    I picked up many books for her at The Goodwill, church bazaars, yard sales, etc.

    Good idea it was for you to take today off....

  4. My personal favorite is Pooh. The Milne stories. Full length. I read them to my children chapter by chapter more than once. When I'm feeling all mother-y, I still get the books out and read them, and relive some very nice moments.

  5. Great shots of the squirrel. They sure do give incredulous expressions when they see the camera, don't they?

  6. I do love Miss Suzy and I loved you reading it to me, thanks for the copy! Isn't it so wonderful for one book to be so engraved in one's memory. What is it about a book that makes one's heart and mind come alive?


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