Sunday, May 25, 2008

Random Thoughts on a Sunday Evening

Just came inside from trying out my new weedeater. It is the kind that powers off a battery....said battery does not hold a charge for very long, but that is okay because I am out of energy myself. This is my first time to weedeat because I have always had someone else living here to do it. I will have to work on my skill level.

It is SO Hot and SO Humid here today. Even at 7:30 at night I am wringing wet. UGH!

I went over to my daughter's to water her garden while they are away on a long weekend. They have poison ivy in all kind of cracks and crevices. I looked in the mirror and see that I have a suspicious red patch on my face. Please tell me I DID NOT touch anything that had poison ivy on it PLEASE!!!!

I saw the new Indiana Jones movie today. I give it a thumbs up. Harrison Ford moves pretty good for an old man!

I finished this book.

And I started this book.

Please ignore the wonky Search Inside message...I didn't have time to find better images....stole these off Amazon.

I bought one of these today because a co-worker says they revolutionized the way she thinks about dusting...I thought heck if I can get rid of all the dust in the house instead of just move it to a new location, I'll be happy. So I am giving it a try.

I hope everyone has a safe and happy Memorial Day tomorrow.


  1. Hi Steviewren. Thanks for the book recommends. And the dusting idea. I have taken to paper towel and windex, having given up on 'dusters' because as you say, they just move dust around.

    I have fought dust all my life, and dust has won hands down. It's the reason I got rid of my glass top coffee table and end tables.

    A losing battle.

    Thanks for the tip.

    And glad you enjoyed the Indy movie. !

  2. Yike, I sure hope you didn't come in contact with the poison ivy. Keeping fingers crossed for you.

  3. O my gosh, I love this swiffer. It picks up dust and doesn't let it go. You can dust between books on a book shelve, clean a ceiling fan, clean the baseboards and the crown molding. It has a telescoping arm so you don't have to bend over or stand on anything to reach up high. Just to show you how badly my house needed dusting...I have already used two of the duster cloths in 2 rooms. If I had dusted properly anytime recently I am sure it would last longer.

    Cleaning is not my favorite task so anything that makes the job easier is great.

  4. I don't think I picked up poison ivy after all. The redness on my face has subsided and I don't have any red itchy bumps. They say once you have it, it is easier to get it again. I try to use Round-up to kill it whenever I see it around here.

  5. I also bought something similar to the swiffer, something by Pledge. I am just too tired to go check right now. I too like it very much. I start with the cleanest place first and work down to the baseboards...I am going to google the books and see if they are something I would like to read. I am waiting for hot and muggy. We had a beautiful day today. We just need to string three or four in a row.

  6. i get poison ivy so easy. i hope you were lucky enough to avoid it. we plan ti the IJ movie today. it is alike a biog jump into the past to see another IJ movie. i've read the "chocolate" book but not the other one. and, the dusters look like a great idea.

    thanks for sharing!

  7. Our place is covered with poison ivy. I get end up touching it every year somehow. I think it must have airborn spores...tee hee. Yes, and why does it always land on my face, of all places?

    Hope it spared yours. :)

  8. Great suggestions Steviewren.

    .. My mother has the most amazing ability to spot poison ivy and low and behold, she spotted some in my garden:-(.....ICK!!!

    We haven't seen the new Indiana Jones movie yet but we've all been looking forward to seeing it.


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