Sunday, May 25, 2008

A List of Stuff

Chinese lanterns, catching lightening bugs at dusk, soft spring breezes, ripples on water, the sound of pond frogs croaking at night, cricket songs in the summer, leaves floating on the breeze, babies laughing, watching a movie in an empty theater on a hot summer day, road trips, covered bridges, multicolored sunsets, crunching ice, fresh paint on a canvas, old postcards, sweet cantaloupe slices, watching cloud shadows rolling over hills and valleys, newly painted toenails, the art book section of a bookstore, scrapbook paper, Pentel pens-medium point please, chocolate milk before bed, back scratchers, holding hands, real leather purses, the sound of children playing outside, the smell of a new mown lawn, a warm quilt on a cold night, camping out, new Elizabeth Berg or Amy Tan books, art supplies, cold watermelon, the feel of exquisite linens between my fingers, the creamy texture of old pottery, walking barefoot in the grass, attending an outdoor concert, stargazing, old maps, cutting and pasting paper, icy cold cokes that have a bite, beautifully constructed sentences, pictures of my babies, guitar music, granny smith apple green, all the words for the color blue; azure, cerulean, phthalo, ultramarine, prussian, the first bite of a lemon icebox pie, watching the moon rise, bird songs, taking off in a plane, walking on the beach late in the afternoon, dangly earrings, pearl baby bracelets, embroidery floss, vintage photographs...these are a few of my favorite things.

The Giant
by N.C. Wyeth


  1. i just came to your blog from willow's and i'm enjoying the read very much. this is a wonderful list. many items evoke a lingering smell or a special place or memory from the past. thanks!

  2. Me too, me too...and don't forget whiskers on kittens! I agree with Julie, that many of my favorite things are connected with a fond memory of my past. My grandfather was a photographer and I still get a thrill from smelling photo developing fluid.

    I'm planning a post on N.C. Wyeth soon...he's fabulous.

  3. What a wonderful list! I got a warm and fuzzy feeling just from reading it! I agree with all those things....isn't it interesting what sticks with us...a color, smell, taste....or just the feeling we had at the same time and it becomes a wonderful memory. I think the older we get the more we appreciate all those little things. Love the painting...have never seen that one before!

  4. what a many nice things; that I enjoy too. Now I have that song running through my head! tee hee.

    p.s. what is lemon icebox pie?

  5. Thanks Julie, please come again!

    Willow, I have fond memories of the smell of new paper copies made on one of those old style carbon copy machines that was used when I was in elementary school. I am looking forward to your post on NC. He was a force of nature wasn't he?

    Betsy, I had lots of fun thinking up this list. I would be interested in reading what others might come up with.

    Lavinia, lemon ice box pie is made using a graham cracker crust, sweetened condensed milk, cream cheese and lemon juice and lemon zest. I like lemon meringue or lemon ice box pies. That tart taste that makes your mouth pucker which gives way to the sweetness...mmmmm, wish I had one.

  6. Steviewren, I love old maps too. I came across a circa 1940's atlas at a used book sale recently and I've enjoyed perusing it, especially Europe and Africa---isn't it interesting to compare borders...before and after they were carved up following World War II, and the end of the British Empire...

  7. Oh, that lemon ice box pie is definitely something I'd like a big slice of...

  8. Mom, as tears start to come to my eyes, I realize how much a mother influences her children in small and large ways. So many of your favorite things are also mine (babies laughing, watching a movie in an empty theater on a hot summer day, newly painted toenails,holding hands,the sound of children playing outside, the smell of a new mown lawn, a warm quilt on a cold night, camping out,icy cold cokes that have a bite,pictures of my babies). And I now realize that these are my favorite things because they are yours and children always want to be like their mothers.

    I hope this reality is the same with my children.


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