Thursday, May 15, 2008

My Favorite Color

When I like something I tend to stick with it for a long time. Case in point...I loved my previous comforter and sheet set. You could say it was my favorite. It was Charlotte IV Green by Ralph Lauren. I collected all the pieces one by one when they were on close out at various stores.

When freshly laundered they felt like soft suede. The set aged gracefully until about 9 months ago when I realized that my sheets and pillowcases were threadbare. Eventually they began to rip. What should I expect? By my best estimate, the set was over 11 years old.

Time to redecorate. Problem is I'm not drawn to anything on the market right now. I've bought my new bedding piece by piece. It's not my favorite like the last set, but I do like the colors, red and orange and cream.

I love color. Bright, muted, jewel tones, pastels; I love them all. But if I had to pick a favorite if would be red.

I plan to paint the walls this summer a soft dove gray. I think this will be a soothing neutral background to all the bright color...after all this room is supposed to be restful.

This little vignette on my bedroom wall is one of my favorites. The doorknob was discovered in an antique store, the small cloisonné cross on the bottom right was purchased as a souvenir from Chartres Cathedral in France, the cherub is from Austria and I put the peacock feather on bronze fabric and used a frame bought on sale from Hobby Lobby to finish it off.

My mother gave me this unique jewelry box with a clock on the lid as a present a few years ago. It makes a fun addition to my clock collection.

I hope you have enjoyed seeing just a few more of my favorite things.


  1. Hi Steviewren...I have quite enjoyed my little visit here..I took a look at your old bedding Charlotte is just beautiful..I remember when it came out..I have some RL Bedding that I just can't seem to part with..put away..."perhaps one day I'll bring them back out," I say :)..Looking at your new matter what you decide must like it more than anyone else...(My motto) ...have fun with your decorating...Dee Dee

  2. Thanks deedee. I actually haven't tossed the RL bedding either. The comforter is still in good shape. I am going to use it on my guest bed. RL linens really have fantastic quality.

    Thanks for visiting!

  3. I like all of your favorite things and I can see why they're your favorites!

  4. You have some lovely pieces for sure. I hope to see the finished look when you've painted and adorned your walls once again.

  5. I think your new bedroom colors are hip and fun, just like you.

    I didn't realize the origin of those pieces on your wall. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Kindred spirits you and me! : D You will have to post pics of the completed room, can't wait to see it.



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