Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Just a Quick Post Tonight

I forgot to mention the quirkiest quirk of all about myself when I posted the 7 facts about me. I used to be married to the doppelgänger ( well, maybe not a real doppelgänger) of a famous person. Can you guess who he is?

A clue is in the photo below.

dop·pel·gäng·er or dop·pel·gang·er n. A ghostly double of a living person, especially one that haunts its fleshly counterpart. [German, a double : doppel, double (from French double; see DOUBLE) + Gänger, goer (from Gang, a going, from Middle High German ganc, from Old High German).]

The photo was taken by me in London in 1996.


  1. I'm embarrased....I've heard the word doppelganger but have no idea what it it father? Were you married to David Beckam's dad? Wow, that would sort of make you mother in law to posh spice!

  2. Separated at birth from David Beckham? You were married to a clone?

    I've never heard of that term before...neat has a nice ring to it!

  3. David Beckham, yes he is very handsome indeed. I have never heard that word. Everyone has a double, atleast that is what I have heard.

  4. Lavinia the word means the double of a living person. I also can mean alter ego. It's a German word. I think the word was used in fairy tales to represent a child that had been stolen and replaced with an evil twin. (Which would be spot on for my purposes...I am afraid I may have wound up with the evil twin hehe)

    Check out Wikipedia for literary and historical uses of the word.

    And yes his name is David Beckham. Unfortunately he wasn't nearly as McDreamy.

  5. were married to a David Beckham look-a-like, who was also named David Beckham?....oh, that is eerie...what are coincidence...

    Yes, Steviewren that certainly qualifies as the quirkiest of the quirkies!

    And you resemble Shirley MacLaine and your first name also starts with an 'S'.


  6. Oh wow...isn't that interesting! And now I know a new word! :)

  7. Don't they say we all have a double somewhere in the world? I had a sister-in-law who everyone told me I looked like before I ever met her, and when we did meet, we both realized it was true--kind of eerie.

    Very cool.

    thanks for your kind words on my blog today.
    take care

  8. Whoa, David Beckham lookalike? I look like Brad Pitt, yeah that's it. Actually, I have no desire to look like him.

  9. Let me guess. The name is the same but he is NOT a look-a-like.


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