Sunday, May 11, 2008

Favorite Things

I think I will devote this week to some favorite things in my home.

My kitchen window holds a collection of cobalt blue glass, McCoy pottery filled with plants and small shells. The green, blue and browns are repeated in other spots in my kitchen.

I began collecting miniature statues as souvenirs a few years ago. I haven't found the perfect way to display these yet. Since they are small they tend to seem lost or cluttered wherever I put them. Any suggestions?

I believe like Louis L'Amour, "A mind, like a home, is furnished by its owner, so if one's life is cold and bare he can blame none but himself." I want to fill my mind with interesting thoughts and likewise I want my home to be filled with things that stimulate and interest me. Do you have a decorating philosophy in mind as you furnish your home?


  1. I like your miniature statues all grouped together as they are in the photo. Perhaps you have a shelf or niche where they could all be at home in one place.

    Love the cobalt glass.

  2. I have my share of cobalt glass and McCoy pottery, too!

    Love you collection of souvenirs. My daughter has a large collection of vintage Statue of Liberties and Empire State Buildings. Yours are so cool.

    I totally agree with you, Stevie! My home is filled with things that interest me and that I enjoy looking at. It bothers me to walk into a home that is totally "furniture store" with nothing personal displayed. I think your home should reflect your personality.

  3. I think your statues are great grouped just like you have them in the photo.

  4. Steviewren, your statues display your international flair. I think it best to put them behind glass, otherwise, they will get dusty and look dulled. I keep most if not all of my little statues, figurines, etc, in an antique walnut china cabinet. They are safe from dust there, and remain shiny and at their best.

    Now you have posed an interesting question, about decorating philosophy...I suppose at best mine could be called eclectic. I like so many styles; and hence overlook certain rules on "combining" items. I like the look of antique furniture, yet every time I visit IKEA, I see so many things I like. Then there are all the Greek decor items that came from my uncle's store; I like to display those but they clash a bit with my Laura Ashley stuff....basically, I think what I'm saying is, I have given up on any sort of scheme. If I like it and I get it, I find a place for it!

    Your kitchen window must look so nice when the sun shines on all the glass.

  5. I'm sorry to say, but I usually do not have a philosophy in mind when I decorate my home, except maybe simplicity.

  6. Rachel, whole interiors are designed with just that in mind.

  7. Sorry, i mised this post. But i am looking foward to your favorite things. That is a great topic. I love the statues. Maybe you cold put on a piece of glass with some pics of your travels underneath. Put some of your own words on pieces of paper and scatter them around. Age the pieces of paper a bit.

  8. What a good idea for posts. Love the blue glassware.

    My mother has one of those Eiffel towers, from one of my trips to Paris as a schoolboy, on her fireside mantle along with other knicknacks we picked upas kids for her.

  9. I am a collector and love little things. I have a curio that is shaped like a grandfather clock --has the clock face and chimes, but instead of a pendulum there are mirrored glass shelves below which hold many of my little collectibles. It lights up, which is nice at night.
    I also ahve curio shelves in my living room and dining room. and kitchen. I'd be lost without all my knick knacks!


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