Thursday, May 22, 2008

Favorite Spots Here at Home

Today I am participating in an online home tour sponsored by this site. We were challenged to post about something in our home that we really like.

My favorite redo in my home is this:

My great room originally had greyish barn wood paneling. It made the room seem cozy at night but during the day it looked washed out and dusty. We painted the paneling yellow, the ceiling and rafters white and the cedar mantel white. But the painted cedar mantel was so ugly!

Many times I tried to think of how to redo the mantel to update it. The seeming unsurmountable problem was that the two beams that supported the mantel were embedded into the brickwork. If you took the old mantel down you would be left with the holes where the beams had been.

One day, while shopping at Home Goods, I found two of these pillars. A plan began to form in my mind....
I drew this picture of how I envisioned the new mantel should be built using the pillars from Home Goods for the end supports.

My ex-husband was hired to do the handiwork (weird I know but he is good at this sort of thing) and voila....I have a beautiful mantel now where my old eyesore had been.

Look for more favorite things and places in my home here and here and here.

Thanks for visiting and ya'll come back soon!


  1. Wonderful job on the mantle. Don't you just love Home Goods? I like the painting on the fireplace and the fun and colorful lamp. Great tour.Thanks for visiting me.

  2. Wow! I'm even more impressed that you envisioned it and he made it. Nice job.

  3. You did a great job.. I'm very impressed!

  4. Hi there, tks for popping over. BEAUTIFUL mantel piece and you designed it. We hardly see mantels here in Malaysia so I am glad I can learn and see many thinks from great bloggers sharing everywhere. I like the the owl original and cute and your comment sector by Dr Fraser fav sitcom of all time!!

    Have a wonderful weekend :)

  5. Looks pretty; I like the combination of white and dark wood...

    Enjoy the party


  6. What a fabulous make-over on your mantel! Very creative! Cami

  7. Well talk about 'before' and 'after' ..... this could (should!) be in a decor/design magazine.

    You had a beautiful vision and you saw it through to a stunning conclusion. The mantel is gorgeous, no doubt about it. And I love how you've arranged the items on top of it. Is that your artwork too?

    Well, Steviewren, you are hired! entire fireplace needs some sort of rejuvenation desperately.....

  8. What a great vision you had! The new mantle is perfect. Brave woman hiring your ex though LOL

  9. Its wonderful, i dont have words...
    Bye, Ángela

  10. Steviewren, my ex does handy jobs around my house too. Next up; replacing the garage door. Not the big one the car goes through, but the small one that people go through.

  11. Lavinia, I had to call him for advice today too. I have a huge tree in the backyard that is uprooted but hanging in other trees. It is going to go down whenever the wind blows or whenever the little tree that is supporting it now snaps. I don't know who to get to come out and cut it down. So I called for advice...He hasn't gotten back to me yet...I will probably bug him again tomorrow.

    How long did it take you to be able to ask yours for has taken me a long time to be able to be nice again! lol

  12. What a totally fabulous mantle! And hand fashioned, too! =) Thank you for visiting me today!

  13. Beautiful home - thank you for sharing!

    I see one of your favorite movies is Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day - Wasn't that nice to be taken away for just a while with that whimsical movie? ...And the set... ;)

    Happy night!

  14. what a lovey home thanks for coming by I have already started taking supplements. come on by and see my new pictures for the party.marina

  15. Hi! I'm sorry for taking so long to reply, becouse I have been very busy.
    well, at the moment i am enjoying your house, all its so cute, I love its!What a fabulous make-over on your mantel! Very creative!
    thanks you for participate

  16. me encanto tu casa, y sobre todo la decor de la chimenea, esas patas torneadas, seguire visitandote, todo esta precioso, abrazos.

  17. You have inspired me to dig my vintage clocks out of the basket in the spare bedroom and sprinkle them here and there through my house! :)

  18. Oh my...the transformation is amazing...fabulous job :-)


  19. Love that mantle! Clever girl. I never think of stuff like that.


  20. Your mantle is gorgeous! I admire people like you who can imagine something then draw it! (Those "lines of artiness" you commented about on my blog are artist trading cards that I made for a project hosted by Emily Falconbridge last year)


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