Sunday, September 28, 2008

Black & White Or Merely Gray?

Are you a black and white thinker? Do you have a ready yes or no answer to every question put to you? Is everything either love or hate, wonderful or terrible, perfect or hopelessly flawed? Do you find it easy to categorize your world?

Or are you more like me? Do you see the world ever unfolding in an endless color wheel of gray?

Seeing gray makes life more complicated. It clogs the decision making process with what ifs and why nots. Sometimes it is hard to see your way through to the other side.

Don't get me wrong or misunderstand the point I attempt to make here. I confess that I absolutely believe in absolute Truth and absolute Justice. But God and His Word are the only way that one can define those essences. I mean I get caught up in the minutia of what he said or what she meant. I tend to give people the benefit of the doubt. When too many choices are given I tend to get caught in a spiral of indecision.

Because I don't want to make the wrong decision. Sometimes I long for the ability to see things the black and white way.

How about you?


  1. Very thought provoking post, Stevie. I used to be a strictly black and white kind of thinker. And now, I must admit, see things in a very gray light. Is it because I'm older and wiser now? I'm not sure. But I agree, it doesn't make life's decisions any easier. Life isn't comprised of shelves of neat little black and white boxes, is it?

  2. I see things in color - I even see my future in color even though my decision making process on that is definitely very grey. Excellent post!

  3. i'm black and white about a few things but mostly a gray kind of girl!! my opinions and feelings about things are constantly evolving and growing so it is hard to be black and white about anything!

  4. I am a gray girl...I have the roots to proof it!!! I hardly see anything as black or white. I question almost everything. I like to hear what others have to say. Some may say I am wishy washy. But all in all gray!
    Glad to see there is progress in your bathroom.

  5. I'm an endless shades of grey person too. Too much choice leaves me overwhelmed. I nearly went crazy trying to decide what colour to paint my bedroom. Who knew there were 867 shades of green paint????

  6. I must admit I am also a gray thinkier. The other day I was interviewing someone and asked this same question. I find the employees and co-worker that think b & w are so rigid and to me they are not in reality. Life is so many shades of gray. My love of the Lord and His promises to us are b & w, but I think as mature Christians we should realize our own little views are not the end all be all. Love is the main ingredient, or should be, for all our thinking. Great post!

  7. I have the capacity to think in black and white. When in a situation that involves others, I find myself thinking in gray. I suppose that is God's grace in me.

  8. I agree. There are absolutes, but they are found in God, not our opinions. I have always felt that the "Tree of Life" was given for man to eat of and fully trust God. The moment we ate from the "Knowlege of Good and evil" we were forced to come up with our own ideas of right/wrong, good/evil, black/white, etc. I'd much have rather gone with God in the first place so I didn't have to dwell in the grey!!!! Great post.

  9. Mostly gray...back and forth, not sure which way to go...until I give myself a shaking and say get on with it!


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