Thursday, September 25, 2008

Warning! I've Nothing To Say, Only Blather

In The Interest Of Full Disclosure: I don't feel very creative. I don't have anything in particular to say. I don't have any sudden insight into life or love. But, in the interest of posting something however weak or unimportant, I give you these very random thoughts.

Work is very slow. Us clerical types have been recruited to make collection you don't see any sudden enthusiasm because I don't feel any for this new job description of mine. While I while away the minutes waiting earnestly, phone mashed to my ear, to discover if anyone is going to pick up their ringing phone I doodle. Yes, I'm sure you've already guessed that. I doodle all over the reports I've been given to track my dear friend/customer that I would like to speak with on the phone that is mashed to my ear.

In lieu of any real content, I'm posting my doodles. Yes, again. Sorry.

As you can see, I usually draw in the margins of reports, but if there isn't a margin, I draw on top of anything unnecessary.

I'm back to drawing in the car on my lunch hour also. After reading that list of 100 books you should read, that was making its rounds in the blog world a couple of months ago, I decided that since I only have read 1/4 of the recommended books that it was time for some serious self-improvement. (there are entirely too many thats in that last cumbersome sentence, but I don't feel very articulate so please deal with it)

As I have said before, I do most of my reading via books on CD these days. So whist I listen, I draw. Hence today's offering:

I've finished Tess of the D'Urbervilles. Poor Tess! And I'm almost finished with Lolita. Poor, poor Dolores (the subject matter of which I find utterly repugnant, but the Nabokov's writing style is wonderfully lyrical) Next is Hemingway's The Sun Also Rises. And I think I have something else classic checked out, but I can't remember at the moment.

I learned a new word reading Tess....propinquity.

Pronunciation: \prə-ˈpiŋ-kwə-tē\
Function: noun
Etymology: Middle English propinquite, from Latin propinquitat-, propinquitas kinship, proximity, from propinquus near, akin, from prope near — more at approach
Date: 14th century
1 : nearness of blood: kinshiip 2 : nearness in place or time: proximity

Okay, well, hmmmm, I guess that's about all the random I've got for tonight.

I'll be back again another day.
I hope I have more to say.


  1. Your drawing style has become so fluid and expressive Steviewren!

    I like books on tape too! One that was particulary good on tape was "The Perfect Storm" -- it gave me goosebumps!

  2. I always enjoy seeing your doodles. I didn't have much to say today either. I should be drawing right now for our project. Time is moving right along.

  3. I love your "random thoughts" posts and I always enjoy your sketches.

    Ahhh, Tess, loved that book!

  4. I love Tess of the D'Urbervilles, but it's a heartbreaking story.

    I have until the 30th on the postcards, right? I'm scrambling!:)

  5. I misread "I'm back to drawing in the car on my lunch hour also." As drawing ON your car.. and thought.. "she must have one very cool car!"

  6. I'm scrambling for the postcards as well, Stevie. I've not had much time lately. Today, I'm headed out, and will buy postcards.

    You've been bitten by a doodlebug! I like it.

  7. Debby, Nana Trish and Lora, I've got to finish up my postcards this weekend too.

    Thanks everyone for being nice about my doodles. I wish I would actually do some real art sometimes.

    Pat, I read "The Perfect Storm" and I agree, it really was a good one.

    "Tess" really was a good book. I enjoyed listening to it maybe more than I would have had I read it. In both books the protagonist is so badly used by the men that are supposed to love them. I think there is a great compare/contrast paper on the topic flickering somewhere just outside my mental processes today.

    Hiliary, I got a big chuckle out of imaging what my draw on car would look like.

  8. Wow, I've only read a few of those books on the 100 list,but don't feel compelled to read any more of them. How wonderfully ambitious of you. Tis the season to dive into weightier reading than summertime, methinks.

    I really enjoy looking at your drawings. These ladies are so elegant. I know someone who looks like the first portrait. Isn't that scary?

  9. Lavinia your new photo is elegant too! Very nice look for you.

  10. Lavinia.... In a further effort at full disclosure...I wouldn't mind being a professional student...excepting math...if I never had to learn another math fact I can't say it would hurt my feelings. I'd rather write papers than call delinquent accounts any time of the day. So reading something schoolish is sort of along those lines. I'll get tired of it and go back to reading those light books soon enough.

  11. Hi Steviewren, please check your email, I've sent you a postcard swap question....thanks.

  12. Your blather and doodles are always a treat! I'll be the first to admit that the time I used to spend reading, is now taken over by blogging. But blogging has been very rewarding for me, so I'm not complaining!

    Just mailed my postcards, so they should make it to you on time.

  13. Propinquity is a most delicious word, isn't it. So fun to say!

    Love your drawings!

  14. Pamela Terry and Edward, Yes it is a delicious word! I love tasty morsels of language.

  15. I think there should be another word for your doodles. My doodles are usually curly cues, circles and not much more! I love the picture of the first woman. She seems to have a lot on her mind.
    I love your non post, I think it said a lot.

  16. I love it when you have nothing to say. Your blather is so entertaining and I love your masterdoodles.

  17. I wish I could doodle like you! Do you have an Etsy shop?? :) I hope you have a good weekend!


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