Saturday, September 27, 2008

Did You Hear That?

.....the screams of our frustration?!!

If you read my previous post today, you will have discovered that my son was going to come over to (finally) finish remodeling my bathroom that has been out of commission for about 3 years.

See, here are his tools.....

See, here he is drilling (trying) holes to hang the shower door.

Oops, the bit broke. Okay, here is my credit card.....(he's off to Lowes for a replacement).

While he's gone, I put the finishing touches on his "I appreciate all your hard work meal."

(I didn't take a picture, but we had homemade spaghetti, toasted sour dough bread with drizzled olive oil, Parmesan cheese and green salads.)

See, here we are having lunch and some nice mother/son conversation (Any nice girls in your life? What have you been up too? You're not a cad, sleazeball, libertine or masher are you...mother did teach you better than that didn't she?). Sweet son went/escaped back to work.

See, here he is back too soon...."I have good news"...he was able to get the holes drilled this time. "I have some bad news too"...some grout was knocked out by the vibration of the drill.

We both agree...there's something evil about that bathroom. It has a mind of its own and refuses our best efforts to finish the job!

See, there he goes again, this time to the tile store to see if this color of grout can be matched cause we are all out.

Behold evil personified!


See, he's back again...."they had to order the grout, it'll be Tuesday before it comes in...."

Listen carefully and you will hear my new mantra....

One day it will be day it will be day it will be ........


  1. I've been there Steviewren!

    We finally had our whole bath re-done and I finally feel like I can relax for a few years at least before trouble pops up again.

    PS Your son is cute!

  2. Why do those fix-it jobs always turn into a chain reaction of troubles? It happens every single time we work on something at the Manor. Nothing EV-er goes smoothly and always ends up costing twice as much as expected.

    Your mother/son chats sound exactly like ours! And I agree, he is so cute!

  3. LOL - That is one way to get your son back to work....start prying into his life. You mothers are so sneaky like that!!!! Hope you can use your bathroom soon. When it comes to construction or motto is "hire it done!" Have a great weekend.

  4. Hahaha! A fun day. Nothing like a bathroom project to psycho - I mean psych you up. Glad you asked your son those very imortant questions. Did he just look at you like you had lost a marble?

  5. Sounds like you are getting closer! :) Love the mother/son chat....bribing with food....handing out the credit card...ha-ha. I've already started those and he hasn't left home yet!

  6. Steviewren, you'll have many fine showers ahead of you in your beautiful bathroom....even though it seems that room might have a mind of its own...really, all it wants is to serve you in its most beautiful and functional capacity!

  7. good luck with your projects....they always take longer than you think.

  8. One thing about any home repair is that it's never just one thing that needs always turns into a dot to dot project leads to another, to another to another, ad nauseaum. For instance, our simple project of jacking up and leveling floors turned into replacing beams, cracked walls, and even now, we're trying desperately to level the cupboards that were installed on crooked floors in a level floored kitchen. Lots of cutting. Lots of shimming. Oh the fun never ends.

  9. Hee hee. One day, it WILL be finished...I'm saying the same about mine, too! ;)

  10. Ah but he's doing a fine job. One question: When he's all done there, can you send him my way? I'll cook!

  11. I feel your pain. When it comes to home renovations things are NEVER as simple as they appear.

  12. Aarghhhh! I have one of those bathrooms too!

  13. So, it's Tuesday. any luck? My son has been working several years on my kitchen. But considering he's put on a new metal roof, replaced all the leaky pipes, built me a laundry room and put down all new flooring all over the house in between, I can't complain too loudly!


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