Monday, September 8, 2008

Unspectacular Is The Word To Remember

Robyn from Art Propelled tagged me to list 6 unspectacular quirks about myself. Since I am an open book on this blog, I feel like I have already divulged everything halfway interesting about myself here and here and here. Also, I am basically a boring person, not bored, boring. But I'll try to think of something to pique your interest once more my bloggetty-blog friends.

  1. I am mechanically challenged, scientifically challenged, spatially challenged, and down-right uncoordinated. I used to fall when going up steps all the time. Once I tripped on my way into a building full of people and slid into a plate glass window and wound up with all the people inside looking at me outside. I fell down a flight of stairs in high get the idea....I don't have to continue this litany of embarrassing situations.
  2. When I was young I read a series of books about characters from Swedish Lapland. The books talked of staying up all night on a mountainside on the night of the summer solstice and watching the midnight sun set and immediately rise again. I have always wanted to see this happen.
  3. I hate, hate, hate it when I am taking my shower and the plastic shower curtain billows into the tub and sticks to my skin.....eeeekk. That is like fingernails on a chalkboard to me.
  4. I am fascinated by the human it it malfunctions...the psychology and the physiology of it.
  5. Back to quirk #1, nothing makes me feel stupid faster than when I can't get some simple machine to work or I can't open a box or I can't figure out the instructions for putting something together. Not so long ago when I was mentally beating myself up for once again having to get someone to help me with one of the above mentioned elemental tasks, it dawned on me...I can make anything I want to make from paper or fabric...I just need to take the skills I use to decipher how to make crafty stuff and apply that way of thinking to mechanical things. (I love it when the light bulb flickers on!)
  6. I love to rub soft leather.
Okay, time for someone besides me to list silly stuff about themselves so I tag Willow, Mod Girl, Lavinia, Debby, Betsy and Lora.


  1. Well, I've been double tagged...which won't be hard because I have plenty of quirks! :)

  2. Your quirks are endearing! I think mine are just boring but I'll give it the old college try. By the way, I am making excellent progress on my postcards!

    ALso by the way, is this girl in the photo the same one from a photo a few weeks back with the funny expression? She looks like the same girl....

  3. Yep, same girl. ; )

    Yipee about the card progress!

  4. ps I promise not to be bored by your list!

  5. I hate the shower curtain thing too. Oh and you forgot No.7...Likes to pull faces and squint at mirrors at work :-)
    (I loved that post)

  6. I don't think you're boring. I enjoy reading your blog, and today's was a special treat! :)

  7. Ooops - I tagged you but I see you have already been tagged. Ooohhh the shower curtain. I hate that! Great quirks! I think we're identical twins.

  8. Re number 3...that's one of the reasons I like baths better than showers. That shower liner thing is really ooky.

  9. Your funniest is the soft leather thing!! I didn't realize you had tagged me!! Duh!! Jeane tagged me too for the same meme, so I guess it worked out, anyhoo.

    Yikes, I've got to start on the postcards!!

  10. It is hard thinking of this stuff don't you think? I mean, it seems so "normal" to feel this way. Thanks for your kind comments.

    I was surprised by how many of you hate the shower curtain thing too. I guess that is why glass doors for showers were to get me one of those!


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