Monday, September 8, 2008

I Don't Have A Real Name For This, But It's Good

I was served something similar to this recipe one time while I was on holiday. Once home, I decided to give re-creating it a try. I will call it:

Ravioli Salad

1 package of three cheese ravioli
1 package of hard salami
Green olives
Basil pesto
Parmesan cheese

Prepare ravioli according to directions on the package. Drain off the water and mix in pesto sauce to taste. I usually coat the pasta with the pesto. Place the pasta on a plate. Cover the top with thin strips of salami and olive halves. Sprinkle cheese over the top liberally.

It takes 10 minutes to prepare this meal and everyone I have ever served it to has loved it.

Bon Appétit!


  1. This looks wonderful! It's making me so hungry this morning. I just bought some ingredients to make pesto. I'll add ravioli to my list. Perfect empty nest meal!!

  2. 10 minute can't beat that! Looks delish!

  3. Yum-mee! I love the part about sprinkling the cheese liberally. I am going to give this a try....

  4. 10 Minute meals - especially when they look as yummy as yours - are my very favorites!

  5. My mouth is watering! Stevie you've been tagged! Give 6 Unspectacular quirks about you.

  6. Yum! YUM!! YUMMM!!!!!!! Anything with pesto has my seal of approval...Looks and sounds absolutely delicious....

  7. Just stopping by to say hello. Hope you had a good day. :)

  8. Easy and yummy. This sounds too good. A must try recipe. It doesn't look heavy, but tasty!

  9. It IS good! We've enjoyed this one several times at Stevie's place.

    Come on over and make me some! :-)

  10. That does look good! I wonder if you can make it with just pasta. The ingredients are some of my favorites. Thanks for sharing.


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