Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Only One Left

Hmmmm, if this year was four pieces of pie, only one would be left to enjoy. Only one quarter of this year remains. There are 105 shopping days left until Christmas. Autumn is upon us. And I continue to record the daily drips and drabs of my life on my calendar.

Want to see more?

I planned out my apron making strategy.

My thoughts on this season's 1st episode of Project Runway.

Didn't we do this back in grade school?

My daily view.

Sometimes I draw on non-work pages too. Basically if I have a pen or a highlighter in my hand, nothing is safe from me.

My new alter-ego. She is not actual size if you were wondering....

She enjoys wardrobe changes and changing settings. She is willing to travel and she gets along well with others. She is a hard-worker...don't give her any pens or highlighters please!

She has definite opinions and likes a nice pair of pants.

There is a time for everything under heaven...even a daily dose of calendar scribbling.

More tomorrow.


  1. It's been a cherry pie, my dear! Lets enjoy these last few bites.

  2. Can she bake a cherry pie,
    Billy boy, Billy boy?
    Can she bake a cherry pie,
    charming Billy?
    She can bake a cherry pie,
    Quick's the cat can wink his eye,

    I couldn't stop myself...(still whistling)

  3. But she's a young thing and cannot leave her mother....

  4. I have a great suggestion for the last photo: time for a nap!

    That gets my vote!

    You know I always enjoy these glimpses of your calendar...they make me really really wish I could draw.....

    Cute, amusing and creative...I think you may have enjoyed a career in advertising?


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