Saturday, September 20, 2008

Inspired By Color


  1. How pretty! The colors pop and it's a wonderful group of fun stuff. Blythe is very cute! My sister in law has a chair very much like the one on the left bottom. I always have loved it. You always have surprises. I never know what to expect. Very fun!!

  2. Dear Stephanie,
    So cool, so lovely indeed.
    I do always think in color, and that's why perhaps I'm inspired one.
    Btw, heart-to-heart:) I am just busy with my packaging, tomorrow it'll be on the way to your home, please note:)
    I enjoyed very much while making my cards, each one them was another journey going to creativity. Thanks for the opportunity.

    Hope you're having a blessed Sunday.

  3. This reminds me of a regular feature in Tatler magazine. A two page spread each month that is a collage of things one particular person loves. Lovely!

  4. I love that chair! I could build a little sitting room around it!
    The pillows would certainly be included!

  5. I love the color! It's bright and bubbly!

  6. Mine would say, "inspired by sunlight" but color is a close second!

    Started thinking about my postcards this weekend...

  7. It reminded me of an old bulletin board I use to have as a teenager!

  8. That's a very pretty collage of inspirational clippings, Steviewren! It needs no words --perfect!


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