Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Postcard Decisions And Choices

A fellow blogger made a good point in an email to me. She wondered if like herself, others might be reluctant to give out their address en masse. I understand her thoughts completely. So my solution is to get everyone to write a note on their cards and the name of each recipient, mail them to me and I will add the addresses and disperse them.

That way I am the only person who actually gives out their address to everyone and the only one who knows everyone else's address. What do you think? It might be the easiest if each person who lives in the USA adds the postage ahead of time. For anyone outside of the USA I will be glad to do it for them. Please place your cards in a small bubble envelope so they don't get damaged in route to me.

Eleven people have expressed interest in participating. Would you like to send a card to each person and get eleven back or each person send 5 cards and get 5 back?

Let me know in the comments how you feel about this and I will act accordingly. If your email address is not on your profile please send it to me and I will email you my address. Let's get this postcard show on the road. Remember it can be any kind of card you want to send.

Sometimes I think the back of a postcard is more interesting than the front.
This one is from a lot I bought on ebay a few years ago.


  1. Hi Steviewren.

    Put me down to send out 11 cards and (hopefully!) get eleven back.

    I like your suggestion. I'll send all my cards to you. I will put U.S. postage on them, (don't ask me how...I have my ways!!!)

    It will probably be more economical to send me the postcards addressed to me, in one batch. So perhaps we can set some timelines or dates when everyone sends them out? Let me know....

    My ideas for postcards are percolating....

  2. Hey Strider, aren't you going to join our postcard project? With perhaps some striding, desert-themed postcards? Paging Strider!!

  3. It sounds like a good idea Steviewren. I'll sign up to send you 11 postcards also.

    I'll be in California for a week next week, so I hope I don't miss any deadlines. If so, I'll join in next mailing.

  4. Sounds good to me. I'm happy to do 5 or 10 or 11, whatever everyone else wants to do. I will be out of town part of next week... perhaps you should pick a target date (late Sept???) for all participants to get their cards delivered to you.

  5. I also will send 11 and I can't wait to get the cards from the others. Call me goofy, but I think this will be neat to have this connection with our blog friends. Right now I just have your words, but this will be so tangible.

  6. 11 works for me! Late September does too! Welcome back! Glad you were sandwiched between hurricanes and not in them. Three more opportunities are spinning away out there. I don't like Ike!


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