Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Half Full or Half Empty?

Is that strange light I see on the horizon a global meltdown? What do you think dear blog friends? Is a disaster about to be averted by the biggest government bailout in the history of the world or is America the Beautiful on a collision course with her monetary destiny? Do you have a personal survival plan? Are you one of those glass half full people or is your glass half empty?

I'm not feeling very optimistic about anything lately so you can guess how I lean on these questions. But enough about me, I'm really wondering what all of you think? Please give me some feedback. Maybe it's time for me to stop watching the news.

And if this post is too much of a downer for you, wait a couple of days until I get my mojo back.
: )


  1. First of all, that little girl is sweet. I like how she is wearing her ring. I must say that I find all these things that are happening quite interesting. Now on top of all these things we have to look all over Atlanta for gas. One of my employees couldn't come in to work due to running out of gas looking for a station with pumps open. I waited 40 minutes this evening in line. It reminded me of the 70's when we had to ration gas and I saw a couple of men get in a fight over the gas line and one brought out a big knife. I want to believe that it is all going to be okay and this is just a passing deal, but I do think things are happening beyond what we are seeing. I don't mean to sound freaky, but after seeing all the things that are going on with Israel and those countries that hate them...it could be drawing to a time when people and countries will have to take sides. I didn't mean to write a novella, but we have all been so spoiled and asking people to do without things they are used to is going to be challenging to say the least. My hope is in the Lord. He is the only answer as far as I'm concerned. But until He returns I have no idea what we might be faced with. I hope I haven't written a downer, but this is what I believe.

  2. I'm a glass half full person, but the government and those companies the gov't is talking about bailing out are emptying my hard earned glass (again) just when I need it for retirement. Those companies used fraudulent tactics to get where they are now. The gov't can bail them out to stave off an unrelenting fall of the stock market but it's just a house of cards. The only winners will be the executives. My glass will remain half full - but only in my mind because of my faith in God and in my need to be optimistic. In reality mine and everyone elses will be sucked dry over the next couple of years. So, yes - you are right in your current feeling, but having no way to manage ourselves out of the situation I think we should just work on our mojo. It's all we have control over.

  3. Ladies, I agree with you both. God is my only hope. Good thing He is good for it.

    I'm not too hurt by the stock market because I don't have any savings to speak of. Because of my divorce I've gotten a late start on my retirement plan...who am I kidding...I have no retirement plan...I will work until I am unable...I see a Wal-Mart greeter in my future...me!

    So, yes I might as well work on getting my mojo back....its all I've got if you don't count the pennies in the piggy bank.

  4. My husband works for himself and business is slow! Things are pretty scary for us. I have stopped watching the evening news at least for now and it has made a huge difference in my outlook. I read the news online and that's enough. I don't need all the extra drama in my life from the media.

    I'm trying to keep that glass half full!

  5. I think that the tide is turning. Business seems to be picking up. It was dead dead dead for awhile there... but I'm starting to see that silver lining peep out.

    I have a similar post divorce retirement plan... ugh.... let me shake that piggy bank.... rats! It's still empty:)

  6. My husband is a machinist. There has been a huge exodus of machining jobs to China. China buys American equipment, rips it all apart and then makes a blue print, and begins to produce the equipment more cheaply then America ever could. This has been going on for some years now. Tim's company has not made payroll three times in the eight months he's been there. Before that he was laid off from 3 jobs in 3 years. It is a scary time. We are buying homes at very cheap prices, and going into the rental business. I'll be moving on to a job with benefits to back us up, in case Tim loses his job. I guess we've got one half full glass and one half empty one. LIfe is what you make of it, and you've got to be prepared to change course. That's all.

  7. yes, it is scary out there. i've always been a glass half full kind of gal and it has gotten me thru some rough times in the past when i was a single mother and working 2 to 3 jobs. what is scary now is that i am older and even though my husband and i are lucky to have good jobs we worry about things more at this age. i fear it is going to get worse before it gets better. we've done a few things lately to feel more protected and secure but it's still hard to feel like we have any control over the big picture. i don't watch the news and like willow feel better for it. i too feel like i am in god's hands and just try to hold on to my faith.

  8. My glass is usually half full, like my life.

    Thanks for the post, the pic is cute.

    Greetings from London.

  9. I have stopped reading the front page, I just skip immediately to the arts section, and travel...definitely travel. It is certainly a scary time and I think the seeds of greed have grown into a pretty grim harvest. I do think we have an opportunity to change course in November, and I pray we do. I am a glass half full kind of person, and I believe in God's grace. Like Willow's husband, both of us here are self-employed, so God's grace is something we surely depend on! Smile.

  10. I'm a half full person Steviewren -- the economy worries me of course, but we have been savers, and even though our accounts are down my husband is optimistic they will pick up again. He's seen so many ups and downs so many times over the years.
    I think so many people live beyound their means in the US and have a "throw away" mentality. Do we really need $100 jeans and a new couch every other year, or a glass clouche that a lot of bloggers seem to have to have?

    Maybe we need to relearn the "Use it Up, Wear it Out, Make it Do, or Do Without!" philosophy our parents or grandparents who lived thorough the depression.

    I do think we have to vote carefully and think of what is best for the economy.

  11. I'm a half-full person as well - it must be the common thread we share: our Faith!
    I am a realist too, though, so I am bracing myself for a fallout here, in Canada. Our Prime Minister is making claims that we are in good shape, BUT he is a POLITICIAN!

    We have not got a whole lot of money - my husband supports us and we are stable. We don't have any real investments -- just our house, so I hope we're okay, but that doesn't stop me praying!

    I am a fatalist - well, I believe that God has a plan for me and no matter what, that's what will happen, so, I just put my trust in him and pray.

    That's all we can do, right?



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