Saturday, September 27, 2008

Post Those Postcards

I opened my mailbox and discovered a happy surprise yesterday. The first batch of postcards arrived. Here's a little tease. Can you guess who its from?

I've heard from several of you, that your cards are in the mail. If any of the rest of you have forgotten, this is your reminder. Post those cards straight away.

Procrastinator that I am, I will be finishing my cards up today. Here's a little sneak peek.

Well, I'm off to get my day started. I'm thinking about making Rebecca's delicious looking pumpkin bread. I'm in the mood to cook. And my youngest son is supposed to come over today. And he will need something good to eat.

He is supposed to come work on my bedroom bathroom that has been under construction for 2+ years. The shower pan under the shower floor was rotted. One thing lead to another and we wound up remodeling the whole bathroom. Said son was only 21 at the time and after 2 years of coming over and muddling his way through a complete redo, many tasks of which he had never done before, he got understandably burnt out. This left me with a bathroom that looks almost done, but I am unable to use.

Anyway, I hope he won't back out on me. I really want to get it finished. I'm using the hall bathroom, but the shower faucet in it is broken and the water trickles out all the time.....ugh.....I need money and a plumber! soon as my bedroom bathroom is finished I am going to coherse oldest son to come down to help youngest son replace those faulty pipes. Middle son lives too far away to be called upon to help. But when he and his family visit he always does a project or two.

I would love to move to a new house that would have new plumbing and no holes in the sheetrock (left over from the last plumbing fix), no eaves that need replacing and no yardwork that gets of hand. I would love not to have to ask my sweet sons to come to Mom's house to work when they have their own stuff to take care of....did I say I have sweet sons yet?

Hmmm, how did I get off on that rant? Oh yes, I'm going to cook today. A son who gives up a Saturday to help a Mom should be rewarded with some home cooking, don't you agree?


  1. Good luck with the bathroom! Our upstairs bath need to be completely bombed out of Willow Manor and rebuilt. Someday...after the last is out of college.

    Happy cooking! I'm making another batch of farmer's market soup today. I was going to make Rebecca's pumpkin bread, too, and forgot to pick up some pumpkin!

  2. I will have to visit Rebecca's site and hopefully find her pumpkin bread recipe. My Mom told me about a pb recipe that is made in a coffee can. How cute is that?
    Good luck with your home improvement project. We have one working bathroom right now. There is just three of us at home right now, but when my daughter comes home, it is rather tight!!!

  3. Hi Steviewren. I posted my postcards to you yesterday---11 of 'em. The postoffice guy said, they should reach you in a week or less. Mine are homemade, I felt as if I was saying byebye to my own babies!

    Re: your bathroom...good luck! I too have to rely on relatives for home maintenance (my ex). Yeah, its on their time schedule, not yours....

    Lucky you to have two strapping sons. Your son will appreciate your home cooked meal.!

    Thanks for reminding me about Rebecca's bread. I am going to make it too. Better zip out and pick up any ingredients I don't have on hand...

  4. Oh you got my card! :-)

    Oh oh -- I hope I'm not the only one that didn't make them homemade -- too much going on here to get all the art supplies out beyond what I did do.

    Looking forward to seeing them!

    I making something for Daring Bakers today --- it should be easy but it's not. Hmmmm...the results will be on my blog at the end of the month.


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