Wednesday, June 25, 2008

The Best Stuff

Look what sinfully delicious candy made it to my house from my daughter's recent visit to an Ikea. This is my favorite candy ever....chocolate covered heath bar tasting buttery nutty middle stuff. As I like to point out....its the best Daim candy you'll ever eat! You can tell from the picture how much will power I have, hehe.

While doing a little internet research on the history of my favorite Daim candy I discovered that there is a world famous graffiti artist who goes by the same name. You can read about him and see his work here.

Pat from Mille Fiori Favori requested this recipe, but sorry Pat, I have looked everywhere for it and can't find it. You can find what looks like the same recipe for the Strawberry Pretzel Salad here. When you make it send me a piece please. Yummy!

On a totally random note....I am counting down the days for the new season of these shows to begin:

Monk Season 7 begins on Friday July 18th.
Psych begins on Friday July 18th also.
Burn Notice, the new season begins Thursday July 10th.
Project Runway Season 5 begins sometime in July but my dumb computer is running too slow for me to check the date.

Am I the only fan of these shows or are some of you like minded?


  1. Actually, not a big TV fan, although Cara rented 'Juno' and we watched it while I ironed last night.

  2. Your header i just breathtaking. What a groovy image. It's nice eyecandy!

  3. That candy looks scrumbptious! You have the remotes there and chocolate...what more could you need? tee-hee. I make that strawberry pretzel salad. The recipe looks the same but the picture doesn't. Mine has the white layer in the middle and the jello on the top. It's my Taylor's favorite!

    As for tv...I found myself really enjoying Medium last year. And CSI Las Vegas is always a favorite.

  4. No, not a fan of those TV shows...daim.

  5. Steviewren, I didn't read the comments from your last post but I guess I should have..looks like someone else was intrigued by the strawberry pretzel salad too? LOL....

    I like IKEA food but have never tried these. They sound delicious so I'll keep it in mind for my next visit.

    I don't watch any of those shows, but I hope they all meet your expectations!

  6. Monk is totally delightful. If you've never given it a chance you should. He is an obsessive compulsive germaphobic former police detective. The show is funny and sweet natured.

    Psych is light television but well written with good character development.

    Burn Notice is a spy, police type drama. Like other USA network shows it is well written which is sorely lacking on network tv.

    I like Project Runway because I love seeing the creative process applied to the fashion world. The interactions between the contestants is campy which makes for lots of drama. Mostly I just enjoy seeing how they solve the assignments given to them. Having taken some 3-D art classes I know how hard it is to successfully solve the tasks given to them especially with the time restraints they have.

    Marie Reed, thanks for visiting my blog and please come back anytime.

  7. What is not to like about chocolate covering a buttery nut middle? ( said in my best New Yawk accent;-)--think "The Nanny" from that

    Thanks for the recipe! Now I see that itis a dessert! I was so curious about the combinations.

    I am not a big TV watcher, but my daughter adores Project Runway and actually met Tim Gunn in Bryant Park during Fashion Week
    (her boyfriend at the time was building the runways!)

  8. OH! PS -- The graffiti artist's work is so 3-D! Very nice visuals. I just hope he doesn't randomly deface public spaces though --it is a sore spot with me

  9. I love Monk, but we always have to wait until the new shows are released here on a local network, since we can't access WB is it? By the time I become aware of the broadcasts here, I've already missed a few episodes. I'm WAY behind now.. at least 2 or 3 seasons worth.

  10. Steveiwren, pop over to the birdbath...I have a challenge for you!

  11. The only show we get here is Project Runway. My daughter and I love it! As you say its the creative process that is so interesting...and dear Tim. What a sweet gentleman.

  12. I am sorry I do not watch any of those shows. My daughter did see the last winner of Project Runway in a vintage store in NYC.
    I have never tried Daim candy. I am a big fan of Heath bars and Score bars, so I am sure I will like it. Now, all I want is chocolate! My clothes however say choose a fruit!
    I am going to have to make the Strawberry Pretzel Salad. I try to spend as little time in the kitchen as possible, but I will give this a try.
    have a great night!

  13. (wandered over from Lavinia's blog)

    I haven't seen some of the shows you listed, but I enjoy Monk and Psych. There are few shows I try to catch on a regular basis;House and Bones are two that I like to watch all the time.

    Never heard of Daim candy till reading this post. Must try!

  14. I went to IKEA a few days ago and I bought this candy, on your recommendation. It reminded me of a SKOR bar, only better. It was dee-lish, and I'm sorry I only bought one....


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