Tuesday, June 24, 2008

I Got Nuttin!

All evening I have been thinking that I've got nothing to offer...no funny anecdote, no words of wisdom, not even a doodle, but then I surfed over to The Birdbath Chronicles and when I saw that lovely table set for a ladies luncheon-inspiration for a post hit!

My daughter-in-laws helped me host the bridesmaid luncheon for my daughter and her attendants two years ago next month. My mother supplied the fabulous pink tablecloth and the pink depression glass. One talented daughter-in-law baked yummy chocolate cakes which were topped with chocolate ganache icing and a Godiva chocolate for each slice and the other talented daughter-in-law was in charge of pulling all the decorations together. I made the sweetheart rose topiary centerpieces and the tiny place card holder topiaries. The menu was assorted finger sandwiches, strawberry pretzel salad, chicken salad, green salad with almonds and strawberries dressed with Vidalia onion vinaigrette dressing, assorted crackers and iced raspberry tea to drink.

The bride-to-be before the party began:

This is the daughter-in-law who has a hearty dose of the decorating gene. We had to use all of the chairs in the house to have enough seating for everyone. Wasn't the table beautiful? Didn't she do a good job?

Here are the guests of honor along with the bride:

This is the to-die-for chocolate cake. Delicious!

The talented baker of the family is the one on the right in this next photo. She loves making scrumptious desserts.

The photographs in the picture above were of my daughter and her bridesmaids and pictures of me, my mother, and Rachel's mother-in-law with our respective bridesmaids. A festive time was had by all. In my (not so humble) opinion, this was the prettiest luncheon setting I have ever seen.


  1. Um, me? no hearty helping of the decorating gene....

    *slinks off sadly*

  2. This looks like a beautiful affair. I have to say that cake is so wonderful looking! What a nice big table with such pretty things. It looks like you had such a happy fun time.

  3. I have to agree.. that table and the cake look SO inviting. Chocolate and raspberry is such a wonderful taste combination. I'll bet they're still raving about this party.

  4. I agree, it was gorgeous; and I love that you hosted it in your home, so personal and inviting! Beth shared photos of the luncheon with me 2 years ago and I loved them then, love them now too!

  5. Yes, so lovely and cheery! And fun to see more of your beautiful home, Stevie. :)

  6. I love pink depression glass...an entire table set with it is just beautiful! The cake looks professionally done! Your daughter looks a lot like you! :)

  7. What a lovely family you have, Steviewren! Everything looks so pretty in shades of pink,and the menu sounds so delicious -- I never heard of "strawberry pretzel salad" and would love to see what that looked like and have that recipe!

    That cake looks so gorgeous!

  8. A good time WAS had by all. Nothing more fun to plan and execute than a super-feminine Southern bridesmaid's luncheon!

    And here we all are, 2.5 babies later! How things change...

  9. The luncheon looked lovely. The table was very pretty. How yummy the cake looked. Love the little ribbon touch!
    Sometimes bridal showers are so large that no one even pays attention to the bride. This looked perfect.

  10. We don't tend to have these sort of things in Australia... always a cultural lesson, seeing how y'all do it in the US. Very special. We also don't really have the night-before dinner thingy (can't recall what the right name is offhand! Rehearsal, I think?). So much to organise... no-one would ever get married in this country if they had to organise THREE events!!
    Heh heh

  11. Hi Steviewren, I came over here yesterday but was diverted suddenly and didn't leave a comment. I thought I would go to the internet cafe last night but when I got there, it was closed. They are closed on Wednesdays, isn't that insane? Anyway, here I am and here I'm delighted. Who knew my mother daughter luncheon would inspire such a beautiful post.... Everything is lovely, of course, and being someone who is very fond of pink, this colour scheme especially pleases me.

    The cake is divine, everything is so feminine....
    One question: what is strawberry pretzel salad?

  12. Lavinia check out the post with the Daim candy. I put a link to a recipe and a picture there. It is a dessert type of salad. Very yummy!


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