Thursday, June 19, 2008

Computer Doodling While Having a Very Long Conversation on the Phone

When the phone rang tonight I ran into the computer room and picked up the one on the desk. Don't tell, but sometimes I use phone time to browse the know its like crocheting while watching you don't feel as though you wasted time doing nothing...multi-tasking as it were.

In the midst of said multi-tasking I noticed this album cover featured on Willow's (of Life at Willow Manor) sidebar. I was fascinated by the hat...the play of light and dark against the woman's features.

This fascination lead to a quick doodle in the dark...well by the light of the computer screen...a doodle drawn right on top of a list of possible boy names for my possible new grandson...see this post.....this list was from another night of talk/computer browsing while on the phone with my daughter.... if there is a boy the initials might be TD...not too many boy name choices....but that is probably the topic of another post....

Since this was a very long phone conversation, I opened up Photoshop and scanned my doodle into the computer and began to play, all the while having a meaningful conversation with a friend about feelings, how complicated people are, how unfathomable God is, how unknowable life is, how big the universe only God knows the answers and how He isn't sharing them with us at this time. So while having this big conversation about all of these deep topics I doodled this small and insignificant little drawing....and it makes me feel better about spending so much time talking about some things I can not do a darn thing about!


  1. ohh...beautiful!!! so talented :) happy weekend

  2. I sit here and marvel at your talent. That doodle sure did come to life. I may have to start doodling while I am on the phone. But if it is planned, it never comes out quite right. I am not sure about photo shop. Maybe my daughter could help me with it. I am doing so much lately, I am not sure my brain could handle one more thing.
    Nice to know your daughter and son in law are having a boy.
    It is late and there is much do to tomorrow. I hope the weather will cooperate.
    Glad to know you liked my postcard. You could really do it with just about any piece of paper. A pretty card you received that you do not want to throw out.
    I hope this all made sence, agin,I am a little tired...

  3. Thanks m.kate and denise.

    My daughter doesn't know the sex of her baby yet...we were just speculating on boy names just in case...she knows what she likes if it is a girl. Sorry for the misunderstanding. hehe

  4. What a fruitful conversation! I love the cutting of her eyes. I wonder what she is looking at. You are talented and I am so happy you will be having a new baby in your life. They bring such hope. Oh yow, I forgot to tell you I loved the picture of your eyes in the rear view mirror the other day. That looked like it could be an artsy little picture. Thanks for sharing your talent! Have a great weekend!

  5. You know, I can't play on the computer and talk on the phone. I can't draw and talk at the same time. Okay. I can't draw even when I'm not doing anything at all. I've always envied people hwo can do two things at once.

  6. I love, love, love that sketch. Very nice work, Steviewren.

    Your telephone doodling reminds me of my husband, who is also always sketching. Our entire courtship was long distance so we spent a lot of time talking on the phone. During those long conversations he would always sit at his drafting board and sketch.

  7. And you are such a sweet friend to have long, meaningful conversations. I'm jealous of the dootling....I wish I was able to do that! Beautiful drawing from that album! And I think picking out baby names is one of the funnest parts of being pregnant! :)
    Taylor is a good name! LOL ;)

  8. That is a fabulous likeness of Susan Graham!! Do you mind of I post it on my sidebar?? Amazing!!! I'm not going to wait for permission...I'm going to shamelessly steal it right now! ;)

  9. There's always a little element of your own features incorporated into your drawings, which I think is fascinating. Love it.

  10. Oh, I just love this! Beautifully captured! I saw it on Willow's blog and was moved to come over to see your blog--so glad I did!

  11. You are a great "doodler" and "Multi-tasker" (is that a word?) If you can pull this off while talking on the phone - you are truly gifted!!!! Have a great weekend.

  12. A very clever, intelligent post. I think you make good use of your time... Excellent multitasking there Steviewren, and a remarkable portrait.

  13. Now that is what I call multi- tasking! The sketch came out great!

    Did you solve the problems of the world with your friend, or will that require another long converstaion ...tee hee!

    My son and daugher-in-law hasn't revealed their favorite names as yet for baby to be .... I guess they want to know what they are having first ....maybe next sonogram they'll know,

    Enjoy your weekend!

  14. Willow I am glad you like my doodle. Thanks for the inspiration and yes you can use it. Thanks for wanting too!

    And nope, none of the world's problems or our individual problems were solved...just hashed over...and over...hehe

  15. This is great! I really like this and very are one talented lady...

  16. Oooh...I love this! Perhaps you'd better phone her back.

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