Thursday, June 5, 2008

More of My Daily Calendar

Sometimes my entries mirror the type of day I'm having. Sometimes I take a mini-doodle vacation because I am bored. Some entries are about things going on in the office. Or out.

Fridays are usually busy days.

Mini-vacation moment:

Some days are crazy making:

With K back at work on Wednesday I seemed to be having a more mellow day:

Don't you love it when you show up somewhere wearing the same thing as someone else?

Here are my observations the day I wore glasses because I lost my last contact:

Audra sits behind me and I think she needs a mini-doodle vacation. Can you tell what kind of mood she has been in lately?

Sometimes I doodle on post it notes while I am on hold on the phone. If I like what I have scribbled I cut it out and tape it into the calendar. If I want to use my highlighters to add color to a sketch, it works better to color on the post its as the highlighters bleed through on the calendar pages. At the end of the year I plan to use rings (like on 3-ring binders) to hold it all together. I probably will make a front and back cover out of chip board and paint or cover it with paper.

These sketches aren't great and what I write isn't anything profound, but I amuse myself by keeping this calendar and I guess that is what counts.


  1. Fun! I especially liked purple skirt day. :)

  2. We notice when three or more people wear the same colour too!

    Really enjoying these sketches and thoughts on office life.

    I notice that all of the portraits have eyes that look to the right. (or I guess, to *their* left).

    Is there any particular reason for that, I mean, is that deliberate or just coincidental?

  3. I think a small book sounds like a wonderful idea!

  4. You amuse me too! Fun stuff. I feel like I'm eavesdropping, but with permission.

  5. Thanks everyone. It's all for fun.

    Lavinia, there is a method to my madness in the way I draw people. I think I will post on it soon.

    Hillary, yes you do have permission to eavesdrop. That's why I love blogs...I feel like a stalker fact I thought I invited that usage of the terminology but I see lots of people regard their lurking as stalking.

  6. INVITED? I really should do a better job of proof reading.

  7. What a nice calender :) you are very creative and it's fun when we read back all the older pages.happy weeekend :)


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