Wednesday, June 4, 2008

More Work Calendar Pages

I thought you might like to see some more of my work calendar journal scribbles. I have to limit my visits to Barnes and Nobles. You can see by the illustration below...I have no self-control there.

April 15th must put everyone in a bad mood, I sure was. It looks like I felt better by the afternoon.

Only a day later and my mood is sunny!

Feeling creative on the 17th.

Having fun on the 22nd.

But everyone knows that the best stress relief is taking a mental health break!

I'm never satisfied it seems.

I don't remember why I thought this was an awful day so it couldn't have been that bad.

I had a yummy Mother's Day meal courtesy of my sweet daughter and her sweet hubby.

A bouquet of pretty flowers is just the thing to brighten up a drab office.

More tomorrow night. I must get to bed tonight. I need some sleep!


  1. Interesting way to keep a "to do list" or a calendar. I'm just not that artistic. I like the way you keep notes. Hang in there.

  2. Very cute. I can only imagine what your post-it notes look like. Keep on having those sunny days!

  3. Steviewren,
    Remarkable scribbling! I'm real good a stick characters... haa haa...
    The Bach

  4. You are right, we would like to see your calendar pages! That was fun!

    I B&N I go straight for the magazines first! They are like dessert.

  5. I love the one that says you are having a good feel good in your clothes and your hair looks good that day. THAT is the best recipe for a good day, don't you think? (and no glasses! tee-hee!)

  6. Oh Goody, I like when you show these. I am just in awe of someone who can pick up a pen make beauty....I couldn't in a thousand years.

    Yes...awful days....had one started out great but went the end of the evening I was convinced there was a full moon responsible for all the madness....

    Your bouquet is so lovely...these are much too nice to throw away when the year is done. I hope you are keeping them. They will be fun to look through, years from now...

  7. I hope you save these date books/diaries Steviewren -- such a fun way to keep track of your life! I love sketch of the girl with the birdnest on her head, and the flower vase.

    I love to use B&N as a library and sip coffee and read all the magazines I love. Sometimes I even buy one ! :-)

  8. I think the dear are use to the people around them however they dog like dogs b/c theu bark at them.
    and I like you calendars and you are a good atistic.marina

  9. As usual, I love your drawings. what do you think you will do with the calendar when the year is over. Will you keep it in it's original for or make it into so small flip book?

  10. I admire your honesty. If you are not honest with yourself, what are you really doing?
    Here is to nothing but sunny days ahead!
    No rush on the Trading Cards.

  11. I love your way of keeping track of your moods. Too cute. You are beyond creative.


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