Monday, June 16, 2008

More of Photogenic Franklin

While we were driving around in Franklin, TN yesterday we took some pictures of homes as well as businesses. Thought you might like to see some of them too.

The American Foursquare has always been one of my favorite styles of homes.

This one is decorated for Flag Day!

Love that cupola on the porch roof. See the sunshine motif on the siding?

Nice picket fence.
All that is missing are families on the porches playing board games and reading the Sunday paper.

I can imagine children roller skating on this sidewalk.

Can you see the birdcage on the porch?

Someone really should be rocking in these chairs.

We could see someone inside this one vaccuming as we snapped the photo...oops, we didn't mean to be peeping toms!

This is the courtyard between four new brownstones that were being built.

Here sit down and let's chat for a few minutes. Won't you have a glass of fresh squeezed lemonade?


  1. Lovely, lovely old homes! All so neat, tidy and well loved. Brings a smile to my face.

  2. It seems like Franklin,Tn is my type of town. If there is a Michael's or Jo Ann's in the area I may just get on the next plane. The second house wasn't for sale was it?
    I love seeing the USA via my blog friends.

  3. You just get a soothing, relaxed feeling looking at them, don't you? Lovely! I've never heard of the American Four Square....we'll have to ask Modgirl to do a writeup for us! I can see why it's a favorite of yours,'s just charming!

  4. Gorgeous! Now I want to go to Franklin so that I can view all those great homes firsthand!

  5. These are beautiful, so historical, so charming...they all look so well kept....I would love to live in any of these houses...

  6. Franklin looks like a nice place to live. I love homes with front porches.

    I have quite a bit of scrapbook supllies but have not begun to scrapbook as yet! I need some motivation like the event you went to.

    Thanks for entering my blog give away and your nice comments :-)

  7. About the ATCs are you kidding? I was thinking the same thing, how can I trade with anyone, they will be so disappointed when they receive mine. I am not very confident about my work. Blogging has encouraged me to try new things. Oh and to neglect all housework!

  8. Here from Mod Girl's site. What beautiful Four Square examples you chose. I love Franklin precisely for these homes!

    deb meyers

  9. These are wonderful, I especially love a tin roof, and a screened door. You picked a beautiful area.

  10. Thanks deb and kim for visiting my blog. Come back anytime.

    Denise, no I am not kidding. Your cards are really cute!

    Everyone who loves old architecture and charming old towns...don't you all wish we could live there? I would love to own an old house, but unfortunately I don't have the "Mr Fix-it" that I would need to keep the house in good repair.

  11. Beautiful old homes and well kept. Thanks for sharing the pics.


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