Wednesday, June 18, 2008


I have a small collection of old photos which I love to look through. I wonder about the people in the pictures...who were they...what kind of life did they lead...where are they did they lose these pictures.

For instance, take these three friends. Did they keep in touch once they were out of the military? How old were they? Did they take part in combat?

Or how about this picture? Do you think the three friends met this girl while stationed in Asia? Do you think this was a pin-up picture?

So do you think this couple lived happily ever after?

Check out the Danish Modern sofa this cute little family is posed on. The back of this photo says 1962. I think little sister was probably very spoiled. What do you think?

I think the next three sets of pictures are of the same woman. I call this first set of pictures her glamour shots.

What do you think she is sewing? I think she probably made most of her clothes. What do you think? Maybe she is making a polka-dot purse to match her polka-dot dress.

I think this is her on vacation in Miami. Notice the Art Deco hotels in the background. Are you thinking the same thing I am...why is she beside the pool in her Sunday best instead of her one-piece bathing suit and straw hat?

"So many men so many questions. -Terence Roman comic dramatist (185 BC - 159 BC)


  1. I love that 1962 shot. It looks very similar to photos my mom has of me a few years later. I think we had that same sofa! I can't believe that women put on hose EVERYDAY!! UGH!

  2. I always feel quite sad when I see boxes of beautiful old photos in antique shops and flea markets that have been separated from their families. Yes, don't you wonder?

    Love old photos...loved this post!!

  3. Wouldn't it be fun if a reader recognized someone in one of those shots! I'm with Willow ~ it's sad to see bunches of old photos in the shops....some generation didn't care anymore...

  4. Most photos are not marked on the back. That adds to the mystery of the people. The black and white pictures of today just do not have the same quality as the older ones. I guess it is the natural ageing ptocess..the torn I describing myself?

  5. Enjoyable post....just look at all those photos....each quite unique and interesting.

    The first: All are handsome; the one in the middle looks like a flying ace.

    The second: She is an exquisite doll!

    The third: Yes, I like to think they did live happily ever after. Her dress is lovely.

    The fourth: Why did everyone seem so much tinier back then? We are giants today in comparison.

    The fifth: glamorama! what a hoot!

    Six: Looks more like oven mitts to me!

    Seven: Everyone just dressed jazzier back then, especially on holiday. It's a lovely shot, everything about it.

  6. Oh, it always makes me feel so much better to find someone who's a daydreamer too. I can spend a lot of time making up lives for people.

  7. I love this array of pictures. My daughter and I used to sit in restaurants and make up stories about the people sitting around. It's fun. I think the woman doing the sewing and at the pool wasn't really very old. Women were just more matronly then. I love the polka dots!

  8. Great post, Stevie...I love old military photos like this and wedding and baptismal photos, too... It's nice to come up with stories for the pictures...It certainly romanticizes them...

  9. Great post--your questions are all dead on! I have been known to go to flea markets and purchase other peoples' discarded old photos because I feel like I'll give them a new home and take care of them.

  10. I think she is sewing a polka dot skirt to match her polka dot blouse. Nothing like rushing up something just befor going out! My mom could do that.


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