Wednesday, June 11, 2008

My Addiction

I've been a bit under the weather today. As a result, I left work early. After stopping at the sheriff's department to pick up the accident report from yesterday's collision, I dropped into the thrift store that is close by. I looked for some fabulous furniture, which I did not find. Then I wandered over to the books...I always end up in the book section. I kept my oldest son in reading material from the thrift shop all through his childhood and youth. I have never been able to drop the habit of browsing the kid's section. Today was no exception.

I love old how to, history, geography and informational books. Look what I found:

The comment under the fish reads: "Men have designed shops, planes and automobiles along the sleek lines of fishes."
Fishes and How They Live
Golden Library of Knowledge
Copyright 1960

How about this one? It has a neat pictorial guide to help identify arrowheads.

Archaeology as a Hobby
by Virginia J. Fortiner
Copyright 1962

I couldn't leave this one behind because I was enchanted by its sweet characters and story. I bet my granddaughters will love reading it at Christmas.

Mr. Willowby's Christmas Tree
written and illustrated by Robert Barry
Copyright 1963

I have recently taken up embroidery again. When I found this small how to book by Erica Wilson I knew I had to have it for a stitchery reference.

The Craft of Crewel Embroidery
by Erica Wilson
Copyright 1971

I snatched up this paperback handbook as fast as I spotted it. It is a treasury of illustrations, puppet plays and information. I see some art projects inspired by this one! Check out these two pages:

Shadow Puppets

Ballerina puppet to make
Play People, Puppetry in Education
by Gail E. Haley
June 1988
Appalachian State University

Another must have:

A Treasury of Holly Hobbie
Rand McNally & Company
Copyright 1979

I also picked up Drawing on the Artist Within by Betty Edwards and three I Can Read It books for my grandchildren.

As you can imagine, my bookcases are filled with many dog earred pre-owned books. I have to limit my thrift store stops because these books call out to me and I am compelled to bring home arm loads. I might need a 12 step program.


  1. Oh great finds. I love to make the rounds at garage/yard sales on Saturday mornings through the summer for that sort of thing. It's amazing how much is out there that I never knew I needed. ;)

  2. I'm a book junky too! If you start a 12-step, let me know. LOL. Looks like you got some awesome the hand shadow page.


  3. Oh those are fabulous finds!! They look like ones I would snatch up in a heartbeat!

    We obviously have the same taste in children's books. I am green with thriftshop envy!!!

  4. I bet your home is so fun for your grandchildren to come to. I look forward to having a treasure trove of wonderful books and toys for mine some day! And the finding of the treasures is soooo fun! :)

  5. Sorry, you did not find any great furniture pieces. I am on the hunt for an old closet/armoire , so I can hide the tv inside. I like to have something particular to look for when I am thrifting/junking. It gives me a reason to put my foot in the door and like Hilary said, find things I didn't know I needed. I have alot of that stuff in the basement.
    I hate to part with my kids old books, but I think it is time to give them to a book drive.

  6. Terrific treasures you came across, I would have snapped up many of these too. I like kid's reference books, for my own learning in fact; often so much easier to understand than the dry, muddled reference books for adults.

    You were in lady luck's view when you entered that thrift store, these are real finds.

  7. Ah -- Holly Hobby! I love those illustrations.

    I have a soft spot for children's books too. I've saved all of my children's hardcovers and some of the soft covers too. I can't wait to share them with our future grandchild.

    Thank you very much for your very sweet birthday best wishes!

  8. Love the books, a WRECK, what?! I'm just now hearing about this! Glad you are okay!

    Oh, and the work comments had me rolling!

  9. I'm addicted to books also. They have been my friends for years and I am obsessed with them. I'm to the point that I have tons that needed to be read and I still obtain more. I need help:) We are in love with learning and what a better way than picking up that book and holding it for a fine read.

  10. LOL. There are worse things I bet! I was hoping you had grandchildren....they'll enjoy all the choices that grandma made.

  11. What amazing finds! I love going to thrift shops...It's a treasure hunt in its own right...That ballerina paper doll puppet looks like such fun...I'd like to try to make some like that..

  12. I think you might need something with more than 12 steps. LOL

    You really found some good ones!

  13. I might have to join you for that 12 step program. Can't resist the 2nd hand book stands at flea markets. Too many books and not enough storage space!


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