Saturday, June 28, 2008

Dirty Work

Mowing my dry dusty yard is dirty work. It is supposed to rain. I hope it does. We need it.


  1. Stevie, oh, how I would looooooove to send you some rain. Gadzooks.

  2. Hey Debby I was just over at your place reading about Mr M. I love your insights on people. And yes, please send the rain.

  3. Those are some dusty legs. But your toes look really nice! ;)

    It has rained here almost every day this week. Sorry to be hogging it. I'll do a little Willendorf rain dance for you.

  4. Willow any help you can send southward will be greatly appreciated.

  5. your feet are perfect
    for dancing
    over here
    at the Mad Tea Party!


    {{ we all kicked off our shoes
    around 2 o'clock!}}

    come dance with us all........

    we are doing the Funky Chicken next...

  6. LOL: We did that today too. After I finished up my drip system for my wife's flower beds, I put down mulch.....dirty - dusty stuff...kind of itchy too!

  7. But I'll bet the yard looks great. Wishing some of our rain your way.

  8. We got so much rain this weekend! Many thunderstorms and buckets of rain. I would have sent you some your way if I knew you needed some ;-)

  9. we are having very strange weather here as well. much cooler and a little rain today. no complaints though. it beats the 90+ heat any day! good luck with the rain!!

  10. How did I miss this post? But somehow I did.... well Steviewren, did that much-wanted rain ever arrive?

  11. Yes, we did have a 30 minute downpour on Sunday afternoon. I hope it will rain another day this week too. Today was gorgeous weather. Almost no humidity which makes living in the South so much more pleasant.

    I never did get back outside to weed-eat. There are parts of the yard so wild and rocky that the lawnmower would probably self destruct if I took it back there. You should see my ankles. I wore capris to mow. I was hit repeatedly by rocks and sticks and I have the marks to prove it. My legs are a wreck!


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