Friday, June 27, 2008

The Five W's

Who, What, When, Where and Why are the five W's of observation. If you add How to the mix you are ready to delve into any mystery. I was challenged by Lavinia to play along. So here is a little puzzle to solve.

Who painted this unusual self-portrait?

What is this?

When did the event depicted in this painting take place?

Where was this originally found and where can it be found today?

Why is this considered art?

And for 50 bonus points can you tell me How these were built?

This little quiz will probably be a no-brainer for all of you art historians out there so consider yourself challenged to play along and stump us with some really hard W's.


  1. Wow, Steviewren, this is fantastic...your knowledge is truly impressive….and I'm challenged..and somewhat stumped!

    Here goes:

    1. Looks dali-esque but isn't. This is 19th century artist Courbet.

    2. Ancient (North African?) fertility statue

    3. This is a Goya, but memory blanking out on all the rest!

    4. Mesopotamian Processional Gate. Stumped as to where it is now.

    5. Hmmmmmm....Is it because it's so-called "Modern art" (which can be anything, even a pile of styrofoam chips or what looks like it belongs in the men's room?

    6. I thought the mystery of pyramid building was still a mystery. Somehow thousands of slaves did it.

    This was a lot of fun. Thanks, should do this again...

  2. 1. I've never seen this one! Fascinating. Looks like Bernini or Courbet.

    2. Fertility amulet.

    3. Goya's work, Spanish Revolution, May something or other.

    4. Ishtar Gate

    5. Because it's an artist's creation

    6. I don't's a mystery! ;)

  3. I'm never going to get these.

    It's not Van Gogh

    Fertility Goddess

    Shooting of Benedict Arnold?

    no idea

    It was peed in by a great artist?

    Wheeled carts and scaffolding? Lots of little Egyptians? The God Ra?

    Wow, at least Lavinia gave us a shot. You're merciless!


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  5. Nice guesses everyone! Thanks for playing.


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