Sunday, June 22, 2008

Shot Close To Home

It doesn't take me but a few minutes to be in a rural area. Occasionally, I like to drive around and see what is new. Some of these pictures were taken while doing that. Some were taken while practicing using different settings on my camera.

Photo of some parked road equipment:

I love the color and texture in this shot:

Taken at the local grocery store:

I guess I was practicing my apple and pear advertising skills with this picture.

I love the juxtaposition of natural and man-made in this photo.

Interesting angles.

I like this shed with bales of hay.

Found in a church cemetery close by:

Some very old grave sites:

Sometime I just luck up on something lovely. I think this is one of those pictures.

This is another one of them.

This has been my favorite little road ever since my youngest son and I found it years ago while exploring soon after we moved to this end of the county.

It is a peaceful country lane which enchants my senses and draws me back again and again.

Do you ever take your camera and photograph the everyday spaces around you? Is there a spot that draws you again and again?


  1. I love that last picture. We have a stretch of road very similar to that nearby. The trees line both sides of the road and grow together overhead. It's like going through a tunnel and it is beautiful in all four seasons. I had to laugh thinking that people at the grocery might have thought you were with the "secret quality control". Fun post...I really should take my camera with me when I go out!

  2. Nice shots, Stevie.

    I really like the rusty orange colored photo and the neutral grays of your juxtapostion shot.

    I love old cemeteries, too.

    I need to get in the habit of throwing my camera in my bag when I leave the house.

  3. Great shots, Steviewren. I especially like the guitar and the hay bales.

    I totally get how your surroundings call you out again and again. I feel that way about the pond just steps away from my front door. That park is probably where I've clicked my camera more than anyplace else.

    Thanks for sharing those lovely shots.

  4. I loved the drive out into the country, thanks Stevie. I am always kicking myself fo forgetting the camera. To think of all the brilliant shots I have missed....

  5. Great pictures. Love the cemetery shots best. I am going to take a lot of pictues this summer. I have caught the picture bug for sure. It has been a busy weekend. I am trying to catch up on all the weekend blogs.

  6. I keep my camera in my purse and it seems I'm pulling it out all the time to capture something interesting or beautiful.

    Yes, there are places that draw me back again and again, particularly in my home town where there are many, many memories tied to places.

    Oh, and I love your shots!

  7. Beautiful photos! I wish I could get close ups like that.
    I love the cemetery photos -- I just love to wander in old cemeteries.
    I do try to bring my camera along with me whenever I can. I actually stopped in the middle of a busy street to take a photo of a weed growing out of a crack recently -- now my family thinks I'm nuts! I tell them it's ART!

  8. Stevie, I like the variety in this post. I can see why that road enchants you, its like something out of a fable. The photo of the pond, I've just made it my new desktop background. Really unusual how bright the reflections are in the water.

    You know I had my camera slung around my shoulder this weekend too and am going to blog about it; great minds think alike!

    I also like the guitar shot, the colours are so sharp and vivid...

  9. Love all of them...and you know I love doing the same kinds of pics!

    I'm curious where the above ground graves shot was taken!

  10. I LOVE the guitar picture and the orange one as well. Old cemeteries are the best. I love to have my camera with me wherever I go so I can get that shot when something just grabs my eye.

  11. Beth, I'll take you down and show you the cemetery when ya'll are here next. It is at the Presbyterian church on Mack Hicks Road. Carol showed it to me years ago. I guess they are buried like that to keep the animals away. The oldest graves are from when people first came to live in Alabama.

  12. lovely photos. i would love to be walking down the country lane right now. so peaceful and inviting! i want to start taking my camera everywhere with me as well!!


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