Tuesday, June 10, 2008

It Happened Again!

I am not too happy about this.

I left work early today to attend an eye appointment. As I was driving down the off ramp at my freeway exit a big green truck rear-ended me. OMGosh, this has happened 6 times in the 6 years I have been working at my present job. Can we not drive in the city?

I sheepishly include myself in that question since some of the aforementioned rear-enders were my fault. Once I pushed 3 cars into one another. Remarkably, no damage was done to anyone's car. We were all going very slow.

The other time I did it was in almost the same location as today's accident. I banged into a car that stopped abruptly in front of me, then a van hit me.

Another time on the way to work I was involved in a five car accident. Not my fault that time. But because of this accident I was able to get the damage from this accident and the last fixed as the damage was to the exact same place.

Then there was the accident that was definitely my fault. I think I looked at the light for the cross traffic instead of the one for my lane (as you come over the hill you see that light clearly but as you continue towards the intersection you are in line with your own light. I think I looked as I came up the hill, thought it was green and started across the intersection on red.) That wreck was my fault. I have higher insurance rates to prove it. In my defense, I was driving very slowly.

So, here I go again. At least it wasn't my fault. Do you think they will think I am a bad risk and raise my rates again anyway?

My view as I wait for the officer to finish the accident report.

In all the time since I got my driver's license I don't think I have had but 2 wrecks until 6 years ago. What is going on here?

ps No women driver jokes please and No I am not a ditsy blonde either.


  1. Gosh.Good luck with eyes. We've had two accidents in the space of 6 months and now hail damage on our car.

  2. That's a terrible feeling... poor thing! I had a guy run into the back of my beloved Mazda 626 wagon on a freeway (he was late for a plan... he got later!). My worst "my fault" ding was collecting a dairy cow at night. That was not pretty. Not pretty at all.


  3. Clearly I meant to say "late for a plane".


  4. So sorry to hear about your little accident, Stevie. Thank goodness you are okay! So many of those truck drivers plow around like mad men.

  5. Oh, Steviewren, I'm so sorry. I can well identify with that deep pit of dread feeling. I'm glad you're okay. How is your (new) car?

  6. Oh...too bad! The worst part is just the aggrevation and time it takes! Our oldest is 16 and we've talked many times about accidents and he always says, "But it wouldn't matter because that wouldn't be my fault" and I tell him that it's still a big pain to have an accident whether it's your fault or not!...the time, red tape, insurance, stress....I hope you are doing alright today! xo...
    I am making a mental note about those crazy drivers in Alabama, too! LOL

  7. So glad you weren't hurt. I concur with Willow. Trucks really scare me. It seems they're always cutting me off and when I have the children with me and that do that I get very nervous. I really don't care for driving.

  8. Sorry about your accident, you are okay and that is great news. I hate to talk about accidents or my lack of them. I thnk I will jinx myself. I hope something happens today to make your blog a happy one. A new magazine, a good haircut or anything that will make you happy.

  9. Oh dear, Steviewren, I am so sorry to hear of your collision. I am thankful you were not hurt. People are not paying attention on the road anymore; there are too many distractions. I don't mean you, of course.

    I'm glad it wasn't your fault. I'm not sure how insurance works in the states.

    As if the price of gas wasn't bad enough, now one has to worry about one's insurance rates rising? I sure hope yours don't.

    I hope this problem is solved soon and goes away, and here's to an accident-free future on the road!

  10. Ack.. I'm sure glad to hear that you're not hurt.

  11. I just pray for your safety and protection from injury. May you not be involved in anymore collisions of any kind.

  12. You have my sympathy...a few years ago we had just bought a new Camry...switching lanes in busy traffic a man crashed into my back car door and just ruined our car. The trade-in value went down immediately...bad things do happen to good people...very sad about all your accidents..

  13. So sorry to read about your car accident! I've only been involved in one, but there was so much damage done to my car that with NYC's "no fault" rules my insurance went up. It doesn't seem fair.

    I'm glad you weren't hurt badly!

  14. I got rearended last August. I was pushed into oncoming traffic and got nailed by a truck coming the other way at 55 MPH. Day before yesterday, I got named as a party to a lawsuit. The driver in the oncoming truck is suing everyone, including me. The insurance company is telling me not to worry...ha.

  15. So Sorry, let me know if i can help with getting it fixed!


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